ZupaNova releases EDM hip-pop fusion titled “ZupaLove” igniting hearts with the message of unity, acceptance and spreading more love

Championing love over hate, ZupaNova unleashes their incredible EDM hip-pop fusion single, titled “ZupaLove”. Their stance with the track is to bring a positive impact to the world, making sure that they celebrate unity, kindness, diversity, and authenticity.

ZupaNova is an internationally acclaimed EDM and hip-pop music duo consisting of Rawcel Cooks (Songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas) and Davy Brown (Multi-Genre Producer/Recording Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist), that has made waves in the industry with their chart-topping hits and electrifying performances. Their success on the iHeartRadio Top 40 Charts, including their songs “Pop Pop” and “ZupaHot”, has solidified their position as a powerhouse duo. They have collaborated with renowned artists like IAKOPO, on their single “Don’t Think”, and Arii Brazil, on “Pop Pop”. ZupaNova has shared the stage with notable acts such as Fall Out Boy and BTS, captivating audiences with their energetic New Year’s performance on FilAm TV. Recently, they wowed fans at Mayfest 2023 with their latest release “ZupaLove” and delivered unforgettable performances alongside IAKOPO and Arii Brazil. Beyond their musical endeavours, ZupaNova has partnered with AMBITION, a nonprofit entrepreneurial program for disadvantaged youth, to inspire and uplift through the power of music, fashion, and collaboration. With their unstoppable spirit and commitment to making a positive impact, ZupaNova continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

Talking about the track Rawcel Cooks said: “We wrote ‘ZupaLove’ as a reminder that we all have the power to make a positive impact on the lives of others. We hope that this song inspires people to be kind to one another, help make the world a better place, and to spread love wherever they go.”

Watch the official music video to “ZupaLove” by ZupaNova here:

Written by David “Davy Brown” Gardea and Roycel “Rawcel” Cooks, “ZupaLove” is a full-on positive track that is set to bring joy to everyone who hears it with ZupaNova effortlessly impressing with their hip-pop vocals. The track starts with an addictive beat that allows ZupaNova to shine throughout, with the duo showcasing who they are within the song with the explicit intention to uplift the world, spreading their “ZupaLove” globally. Making clear that everyone is welcome when it comes to ZupaNova and that the duo refuses to judge or discriminate against anyone. Their unique EDM hip-pop fusion is incredibly infectious, and it has allowed the duo to pave their own way through music, not constricted to genre normalities, and “ZupaLove” really brings that out, allowing these two rising artists to take the spotlight. Perfectly released in time for summer, ZupaNova is set to spread their message of unity, solidarity, acceptance, and love for all, globally, with “ZupaLove”, right when the sunshine rolls in.

As for the music video, which was directed by CashOutFilms, we watch ZupaNova bring an exciting, hyped-up, performance visual of “ZupaLove” from atop a rooftop, completely showcasing their energetic stage presence and how much this song clearly means to them both. Their camaraderie is full of friendship and trust for one another, and they manage to extend their love for the world right through the camera and to the viewers. Intercut throughout the music video are various scenes that both relate to the lyrics perfectly or continue to bring about the message of the song. These iconic scenes include homelessness, war, all types of relationships, LGBTQ+, peace, love, hunger, and so much more. The duo also took part in feeding the homeless in Los Angeles’ skid row district, these scenes are also captured in the video. It’s clear that ZupaNova is an EDM hip-pop duo that is for everyone and is about spreading love around the world. With songs and videos like this one, we can’t help but think that it’s making a difference and that no matter how vocal “hate” can be, something like this can not only make a huge impact on someone and bring them much-needed positivity but it can lead to more steps that will be taken in the future to make the world a better place.

The music video has been revealed to be a tribute to all mothers and is also in loving memory of Marty Cole.

Also talking about the track, Davy Brown said: “Music has the power to bring people together and to create positive change. We wanted to use our platform to spread a message of love and hope, and we hope that our fans will join us in this mission.”

Stream the EDM hip-pop track that’s making an impact on Spotify here:

“ZupaLove”, by ZupaNova, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via ZupaNova Records.

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