Win and Woo Drop Dazzling Debut Album – ‘Ten Years’

Chicago-based Win and Woo release their highly anticipated debut album, Ten Years, featuring “All That Motion” with superstar duo Louis The Child, as well as previous hits such as “Vanilla Sky,” featuring Wrabel, and “Knots” with Blair Lee.

Win and Woo explain, “This album represents our entire journey working together, a journey that started ten years ago. Listening to the project in its entirety, you hear nuances of moments in our career that made us the artists we are today. The many lessons we learned along the way helped shape our music. Ten Years is a benchmark for our sound moving forward and the start of a new chapter in our lives, as humans and musicians.”

They go on to add, “Relationships with fellow artists have always been very important to us. We are very grateful to the amazing talent and new friends that chose to be a part of this project (Wrabel, Sad Alex, Saint Sinner, Geographer, Blair Lee). A special shoutout to our friend Johnny Mabie who helped co-produce the album in Joshua Tree 2020. Years ago in Chicago, we met Louis the Child and have been family ever since. Having a record with them on this project was so important to us and we are so proud of the result. Hope you enjoy the lead single “All This Motion w/ Louis the Child” and the rest of our debut album ‘Ten Years.’”

Made up of Austin Woo and Nick Winholt, Winn and Woo have collected more than 150 million streams, performed at elite music festivals, and played myriad concerts. Their sound, a contagious blend of dance and pop music, is both captivating and energizing.

Encompassing 10-tracks, Ten Years begins with a shimmering, enveloping intro, “Shadows,” surging with a dramatic wall-of-sound feel. Highlights on the album include the title track, riding a deliciously thrumming rhythm topped by velvety vocals. Low-slung and seductive, the harmonics glide on plush, luminous textures.

“All This Motion” rolls out on sparkling, alluring tones flowing into a muscular dance rhythm supporting swirling synths and posh, evocative vocals. The feel and movement of the tune are hypnotically magnetic.

Another favorite is “Lost Somewhere,” which starts off on drifting and sliding filaments and then moussed up a bit to a throbbing dance rhythm. Saint Sinner’s crème de la crème vocals imbue “Walk Away” with delicious alluring timbres, at once soft yet compelling.

“Good Catch” with sad alex rolls out on a potent dance rhythm as lush washes of sound travel overhead. This might be the best track on the album, along with “All This Motion.”

Win and Woo parade their innovative creative talents on Ten Years, offering stylishly amalgamated tinctures of dance and pop music.

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