Wholesome Stories Of Celebrities Being Nice In Real Life

I guess sometimes it IS okay to meet your idols.

Sometimes meeting your favorite celebrities is a let down, other times it shows that they are actually just as cool in person as you imagined in your head, and in lots of cases, just a normal person doing normal things. So here are stories shared from the BuzzFeed Community about meeting a famous person that are as wholesome as your grandma making freshly baked cookies.


“A number of years ago I was visiting LA with my now husband and we went to a nice restaurant in Malibu overlooking the ocean. I was buzzed from the champagne when I excused myself for the lady’s room which was more like a luxurious lounge than a bathroom. I walk in and stop at the mirror to check my reflection when I see the woman next to me is Jennifer Aniston! She looks over and says how much she likes my top. Because I’m buzzed I find myself going on and on about where I found it, how much I paid, what I liked and disliked about it, etc. She laughed and talked about her favorite top and how she ruined it and how my top looked a lot like it. She immediately put me at ease and we chatted, in the lady’s lounge, for a good 20 minutes, about clothes and shopping…

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…she gave me some good recommendations as to where to go and not pay a fortune. I think we would have spoken even longer had her friend not come in to see if she was okay. When she left the restaurant she stopped by my table and said how much she enjoyed talking to me. What a truly genuine and nice person she is!” 



“Me and a friend were outside a studio in South Bank in London behind a metal fence because One Direction were meant to be there for Alan Carr. After waiting outside for hours on end HARRY STYLES comes over. He was so polite and chatty and took pictures through the fence with everyone. When I asked for an autograph I didn’t have a pen and neither did he. He smiled and walked away and then came back a while later and asked if I had a pen yet, I hadn’t so he went away again. I didn’t expect him to come back but he did, with a pen, and signed my poster. Seriously so sweet.”


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“The first time I met Kelly Clarkson I went up to her and just stuck out my hand and tried to introduce myself and she said, ‘Oh no! I don’t shake hands,’ and I was so embarrassed and sad that she was so rude… until she basically screamed, ‘YOU BETTA HUG ME, BOY! I’m a hugger, come here!’ We talked for a good four to five minutes about our tattoos and hobbies. She was so chill and down to earth and she hugged me about four to five times (so basically one per minute) every time we discovered we had something in common. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the next three times I saw her in concert she waved to me each time, then I was fortunate enough to talk to her again and she was like, ‘HEY YOU! How ya been?!’ And was just as nice and told my sister she loved her name and asked her about her boots (which she borrowed from my mom and were from the ’70s), which Kelly loved the throwback boots. Awesome woman!”


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“I met Drew Barrymore on a beach in Hawaii. Some friends of ours were renting a house three doors down from hers and it shared a small semi-private beach. We swam around with her daughter for a long time and she is the coolest little girl. You can tell her mom is raising her to be down-to-earth, not a spoiled rich kid by any means, and has great social skills for her age. Drew just sat her stuff down with my friends, and wished my husband and me a happy belated honeymoon. She’s exactly as quirky and sweet as you’d wish her to be.”



“My friends and I saw Christopher Meloni at a brewery in Cincinnati. When we asked for a picture I awkwardly tried to give my phone to one of his companions. He said, ‘Here, let me, this is called a selfie,’ and took a perfect picture of our group!”


“I met Jason Momoa at a con while waiting for an elevator. My face did something stupid, apparently, because he deadpanned, ‘I’m not that guy — I’m just a really good cosplayer,’ and then (good-naturedly) cracked up. I was in a wheelchair, and he refused to let me wheel into the elevator on my own, and helped me out of it when we got to my floor as well. I ended up squeaking out a request for a picture, and when he said yes, I aimed my camera — but he took it, tossed it to his buddy, and said, ‘Nope! You’re getting in this with me.’ I have the goofiest look on my face in it. I have never met a nicer celebrity.”


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“I couldn’t believe the size of Jason Momoa’s hands when I met him… and my dumb star-struck brain made me say, ‘Holy shit, your hands are huge’ and he said, ‘Holy shit, you’re right’… he wrote, ‘Holy shit, it was nice to meet you’ in my autograph book. Then later, he was walking with his entourage past me and my husband, and he waved and shouted, ‘Holy shit, it’s you again!’ Now every time we ever see him in anything, my husband goes, ‘Holy shit, it’s Jason Momoa!’ 😂🤦🏼‍♀️”



“We were on a family vacation in Jamaica and Queen Latifah came up to stand beside us at the hotel bar. My dad totally recognized her but he didn’t let on and he struck up a conversation with her about the truffle fries, and she was super nice and she even laughed at his lame dad joke.”



“Years ago I waited on Steve-O. He came in for lunch with some friends and they were all so nice and laid back. I told him Jackass was banned in my house because my brothers reenacted the stunts, he thought that was great. And he was super concerned that I was working a double, he insisted that I order something for myself and put it on his bill.”


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“I was a barista at a Horse Show in Wellington, Florida. Got to meet/serve Mary-Kate Olsen a number of times. When I was a kid I used to pretend to be her and my cousin would be Ashley. Needless to say, I was losing my mind the first time I met her. (Not that she could tell). I wanted an excuse to talk to her so I asked her if she had a lighter. We briefly smoked a cigarette together and it was so awesome. 😂😂.”


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“My mom and I met Adam Sandler in the Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe. I quietly said, ‘Mom, that’s Adam Sandler,’ and she turned around and said loudly, ‘Who’s Adam Sandler?!’ He heard us and chuckled, and that gave me the confidence I needed to ask for a photo. He asked if we were mother and daughter and then called us ‘pretty ladies’ in a very Sandler-esque way. He was so nice, and I still have the Razr flip phone that has the photo on it, you know, for posterity’s sake.”


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“I was studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea and my roommate knew I was a huge fan of Skrillex. I was in my dorm studying when she texted me, ‘Aren’t you a fan of Sonny Moore?’ I told her yes and she told me he was at the bar she was at. I was rushing to head out to the bar when my roommate called me and put Skrillex on the phone! He actually had a conversation with me — he asked me where I was from, what I was doing in South Korea, and that he’d wait at the bar until I got there. When I got there he gave me a hug and we took a picture. My biggest regret was not talking to him more — I was so star-struck I froze afterward. He even came by to hug me goodbye when he was leaving. He is literally the nicest celebrity I have ever met!”


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“I used to work at this sandwich shop a couple blocks from Times Square. It was right next to this small theater so we’d have celebs coming in from time to time. One night, I was working the register when this older man comes in asking if we had any soup and I recommended one of my favorites. He said, ‘Let’s do it!’ and we proceeded to just talk as he waited for his order. He went to take his hat off when I realized I was shooting the shit with Sir Patrick Stewart without even realizing it. He was so nice though and was just asking about my day and how I was doing. After realizing who he was I asked him about the play he was doing and he lit up talking to me about it. He was just so very sweet and humble.”


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“I was working as a retail manager at Cracker Barrel when Kate Hudson walked in and asked where she was. Everyone stopped and forgot how to speak when they saw her! I went over and introduced myself, telling her what town she was in. She said, ‘Oh, good! Let’s shop!’ She took my arm and led me to the toys and games where she started picking out fun stuff for her son, Ryder. Kate is a delight! What I didn’t realize was her then-husband, Chris Robinson, and the Black Crowes were already in the dining room. They were all wonderful! After their meal, they all hung around to sign autographs for the staff and the customers. Thank you to all of them for brightening our day!”


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“I recently worked with Terry Crews on a set as a stunt performer. He’s everything you want him to be and more. So genuine, looks you in the eye during a conversation, very engaging. Made sure I was padded up and as safe as possible during our scene. Great, great guy.”


Santiago Felipe / Getty Images for Terry Crews


“Met Beanie Feldstein outside a five-star hotel in Paris almost two years ago. Was already a huge fan of hers back then and freaked out when I saw her. We talked for at least five minutes about Booksmart, which had just come out, why she was in Paris (fashion week) and when she asked for my name, I told her that my name was Jonah which was a name I chose because I also was a fan of her brother, Jonah Hill to which she replied ‘That’s so cool!’ She was an absolute sweetheart!”


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“I waited on Henry Winkler the night before my undergrad graduation. He was my school’s commencement speaker. He was super polite, asked me about my major, my plans, and gave me a shout out during his speech the next day. He was a really nice person.”


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“I’m so lucky and I’ve been able to meet Shawn Mendes twice!!! My friend and I had a meet and greet with him and she had brought her ukelele with her in hopes of getting it signed. His meet and greets are very rushed by his management, but he is sweet about it and makes sure we get enough time. As we were finishing our picture, my friend’s mom quietly told her to ask him to sign her ukelele. The manager in there said, ‘No, you can’t.’ But Shawn heard her too, and he said, ‘Of course, I can!’ My friend was SOO happy. I secretly videoed him signing it (which wasn’t allowed). It was really messy and took us a while to figure out what it said, but Shawn wrote, ‘Mandy — I love you so much! Love, Shawn’ He was so down to earth and I love him so so much <3.”



“Last year I was an extra in a movie with Amandla Stenberg and my friends and I were sitting at a table in a diner with her. she told me I looked like a model, offered to share her ice cream, laughed about boys and Studio Ghibli movies with us, and gave us first choice of the lollipops the director gave us.”


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“I met David Boreanaz of Bones and Buffy fame, and let’s just get this out of the way: I am a HUGE fan. Like the, ‘I have social media accounts dedicated to him’ kind of fan. So anyway, he did this Q&A event in New York, and long story short, I got to ask him a question about directing because he directs as well as acts and I want to direct when I grow up (because of him — he’s one of my biggest inspirations in that regard). He got SO excited to answer my question and wanted to keep talking about it to the point that he said, ‘I could keep going on about this. We could get a cup of coffee if you’d like.’ My all-time favorite celebrity joked about getting coffee with me, so really, life made. He was so incredibly nice to me and gave me such great advice. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”


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“A few years back we had to take our daughter to an optometry specialist at UCLA. My husband and I have twins, so we had to bring them both. So while I was in the room with our daughter, my husband was in the waiting room with our son. When I come out to get her next appt set up, I notice my husband talking to a very tall thin man and my son is playing with this other little boy. Then bam, it hits me, my husband is talking to Jeff Goldblum! And my son is playing with Jeff Goldblum’s son. My husband walks over to me with Jeff and introduces him to my daughter and me. He was so friendly and just like any other person. I guess while we were in the room he just sat out there chatting with my husband and Jeff Goldblum’s son played with our son like they were best friends. It was a really awesome experience to have such a normal everyday encounter with him.”


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“Jamie Foxx! He was in my hometown shooting Ali and was eating at the Sizzler that my friends and I were at after school. We were at the buffet serving food at the same time and since I was in my cheerleading uniform, he brought up Any Given Sunday and we talked football. Super sweet. Super tall and super soft-spoken. 😍”


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“So a few years back Sebastian Stan came to a Con in my hometown. His autographs and photo ops sold in advance (they had a very limited amount because he was only there one day), at the same time, and I was only able to get a photo op, but not an autograph. Cut to the day he’s at the Con. I’m at another celebrity’s booth, waiting to get an autograph and I hear two volunteers talking that Sebastian had finished his pre-sold autographs, but was going to stay out and keep doing them, just taking cash like all the other celebs. Of course, I immediately ran to his booth. When I got up there I expressed my happiness that he was still doing autographs. His response was something along the lines of, ‘Well, I could either keep doing this or go sit in my hotel room alone. I’d rather hang out with you guys.’ I had loved that man for almost 10 years, but that moment made me love him even more. Such a great guy ❤️.”



“Samuel L. Jackson was one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever encountered, hands down. In the ’90s, he ran a celebrity golf tournament a few times. First one was when he had just made it huge, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, etc. I remember asking him if he wouldn’t mind, could I bother him for an autograph. His response has stayed with me word for word every day since. ‘Sweetie, don’t ever apologize for wanting to talk to me, or asking for my autograph. I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for you!’ Gave me a sweet smile and hug (with autograph, of course.) The nicest man. I was about 12. I am now 36. Still feel he was one of the most gentle and true spirits I have ever come across.”


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“I was the manager of a gym in upstate New York, that I had given my two-weeks notice to that day, when Joe Manganiello walked in. He was in town shooting a movie for two weeks and wanted a place to work out after shooting. Not only does he look exactly as you see him on screen, but he was so down-to-earth. He appeased my brief fan-girling, didn’t travel with an entourage, drove himself around town, and was just as amazing as I had always imagined. I don’t like the idea of meeting celebrities, as it oftentimes ruins how you portray them in your mind, but this was the opposite of that. I became a bigger fan than I already was!”



“I was at an indoor market with a friend in Philadelphia last year while a comic convention was going on nearby. A guy with his hood up and a girl were walking past us with an adorable pitbull. I glanced at the guy and almost screamed because it was Jon Bernthal (google him, he’s been in a TON of movies and he’s the Punisher on Netflix, a great actor). I didn’t want to make a fuss since he was clearly incognito, but I couldn’t stop looking at him and grinning. He noticed me noticing and smiled at me and said, ‘Hey, babe.’ My friend asked him, ‘What’s your dog’s name?’ to which he politely replied, ‘Bam-bam.’ Then we all went our separate ways. It was very pleasantly low key and I’ll never forget it..”



“Two summers ago I was in Vegas [I was] supposed to do a zip line but they wouldn’t let us because there was too much wind. As a result, I ended up running into Guy Fieri at a casino. I’ve been a huge fan of his for years so I completely lost my mind. He was so kind and talked to me for a decent amount of time and really tried to help calm me down so I could appreciate the moment. He was just as amazing and kind as I always imagined!”


“I have met Chris Hemsworth twice at a local beach he holidays at every so often, he let me pet his puppy and talked to me like an old friend he hadn’t seen in years. Seriously such a lovely guy.”


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“I was eating breakfast in a very popular diner in my neighborhood with a friend. It’s super casual and people line up around the block to get in, especially on weekends. It is also not uncommon to share larger tables with strangers to keep things moving. It was a busy day and we had just got our food when in walked Jake Gyllenhaal. He was dressed in exercise-type clothes and a baseball hat, but definitely not trying to hide. He scanned the room looking at the seating and said to the hostess that he may just do takeout. Without hesitation, I stood up and offered him the extra seat at our table. He walked right over, sat down, thanked us, and ordered food. We had such a pleasant, friendly, fun conversation about the city (he was in town shooting a movie). Once we all finished we paid for our food individually, walked out together, and he hugged us goodbye. I got home and just laughed for hours about how funny and random that encounter was.”


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If you’ve got a story about meeting a celebrity, feel free to share below and add to the wholesomeness.

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