“We Will Miss Him Dearly”: Keanu Reeves, Questlove, Ben Stiller, and More Salute Lance Reddick

In a joint statement, John Wick star Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski said, “He was the consummate professional and a joy to work with. Our love and prayers are with his wife Stephanie, his children, family and friends. We dedicate the film to his loving memory. We will miss him dearly.” 

In an interview published by Vulture only last week, Reddick shared just how close he and Reeves had become over the years. In fact, the film’s star came to set on a day he wasn’t shooting, which just so happened to be Reddick’s first day, and also happened to be Reeves’s birthday. Reeves came because, as he told his girlfriend Alexandra Grant, his birthday wish was to go and see Lance. Reflecting on this, and a note Reeves gave him during the shoot, Reddick said, “I’ll never forget it. I’m going to cry now.”

The fourth entry in the Wick series is due to come out next week. Indeed, the performer was scheduled to do some promo on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Reddick has some other completed projects that will now be released posthumously. He is listed as one of the leads opposite Regina King in John Ridley’s Shirley Chisholm biopic Shirley, and will also appear in the remake of the sports comedy White Men Can’t Jump. A little over one month ago, he teased his role of Zeus in the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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