WATCH: Local 11-year-old musician drops a new song cover

Emi Peralta is an 11-year-old singer and musician who released a new video covering popular Grammy Award-winning song ‘Driver’s License’

Emi Peralta, a young Sudburian and new Canadian featured in late December 2021, is back with a new video.

Emi recently released a new music video for her cover of Grammy Award-winning song, ‘Driver’s License’ by Olivia Rodrigo. The young musician was inspired to do the music video as a birthday present to her best friend, who loves the song.

You can check out the video below.

Emi (short for Emilia) Peralta Castillo is a student at MacLeod Public School and a talented multi-instrumentalist, who can play the ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano. 

She has been singing and making music since 2018 and with her father’s help, they launched a YouTube channel in 2020 to further the passion for music. Her father, Claudio Peralta Leiva, has been her biggest supporter in helping her film and edit her videos, as well as featuring in some. 

Last winter they released a Christmas carol together performing a medley of Christmas songs. It was their first snowy Christmas so they decided to commemorate the experience by doing covers of classic Christmas carols and Christmas pop classics like Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. You can check out the music video here.

The family of three, including Emi’s mom Blanca Castillo Álvarez, moved to Sudbury in August 2021 from Chile and the transition has been a rather positive experience for the young musician. 

“It was a really weird experience for me because I have never lived in another city as long as I’ve lived here (in Sudbury),” Peralta said. “ I was sad when I had to leave my grandpa or people behind in Chile…but I really loved the experience, especially meeting new people here and speaking English and also learning other languages…meeting new people makes me happy every day.” 

Even though the young musician’s grandfather is 9,180 KM away in Chile, he is one of her biggest supporters, alongside her other family members. Her friends here in Sudbury also encourage her and cheer her on to create more music. 

Peralta would eventually like to start writing her own music and upload them to her YouTube channel. Her favourite part about creating music however, is performing with her family. 

“What I most like about music is probably being with my father or my mother helping me and I like playing together and enjoying the time we spend singing together,” Peralta said. 

You can check out the YouTube channel here where the musician posts musical content but also a few daily-life vlog content.

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