Viral Thanksgiving Duo Confirm That They Are Keeping The Tradition Going for 7th Year

Our favorite duo, Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton, are still going strong with their Thanksgiving tradition.

It has been seven years since the two met by mistake back in November 2016 after Dench sent a text to a stranger, inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner.

At the time, Dench thought she was texting her grandson, but 17-year-old Hinton got the message instead.

During their initial conversation, the strangers sent selfies to each other, which confirmed they, in fact, were not related. But when Hinton asked if he could still come over for dinner, Dench texted, “Of course, you can.  That’s what grandmas do … feed everyone.”

After sharing the story online, the duo’s unlikely friendship soon became a viral story.

Hinton, now 23 years old, said last year that he and Dench were working on a Netflix movie about their touching holiday story.

So far, the two have continued their annual Thanksgiving tradition every year, with Hinton documenting each holiday on his Instagram account.

Earlier this week, Hinton shared a photo of the two outside of a Cheesecake Factory on his Instagram.

“To answer all your questions, yes, Thanksgiving year seven is planned out!” he wrote in the caption.  “See you guys Thursday!”


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