The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: The Letter of Marque (Book 12), Chapters 7-9 (pg. 4043-4131)


As successful as the action against the Diane was — five ships captured, though the main enemy agent was able to slip away — Jack’s been wounded, including taking a bullet to the small of his back. Fortunately for him, it missed all critical bones and nerves, and Maturin’s able to pluck it out cleanly.

Back in London, public support for Jack is at an all-time high. Reinstatement could be a possibility, but he refuses the offer of a pardon from Whitehall, feeling that it would implicitly prove his guilt in the process (i.e. he has done nothing for which he should be asking a pardon).


Jack’s father, General Aubrey has died. They weren’t particularly close and were often at odds in their politics, but Jack essentially inherits his seat in Parliament, which does give him some political power now. And sure enough, he’s essentially promised reinstatement by those in charge in exchange for staying out of politics in all non-Naval matters. Jack’s more than happy to oblige.

The planned trip to South America is still on for now, and they begin outfitting the Surprise for the long journey ahead.


Before leaving, Stephen decides to visit Diana in Sweden, and try to clear the air after the past few years of miscommunication and heartbreak on both sides. And despite some adventures in travel plus a brief coma after a tumble down some stairs (Maturin still as clumsy as ever), they manage to find common ground and renew their relationship. Awww.

And thus ends Book 12, “The Letter of Marque”. Next up, Book 13, “The Thirteen-Gun Salute”.


Thanks to Love Island for introducing me to this artist and song.





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