Stars Exposing Underwear in Public: Revealing Outfit Photos

Who says underwear should be hidden? Countless celebrities have either accidentally or purposely been spotted flashing their underwear in either see-through or short outfits. Whether it be a mini dress or a sheer ensemble, quite a few stars don’t hesitate to show off their lingerie, such as Mariah CareyMegan Fox and more Hollywood beauties. 

As she gracefully stepped out of New York City’s St. Regis hotel in October 2022, the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” artist confidently flaunted her black underwear in her matching uniquely stitched dress. Mariah didn’t even flinch as the cameras flashed. 

Megan is also not a stranger to undergarment-revealing looks. The Jennifer’s Body actress has stepped out wearing quite a few daring ensembles. But her most memorable one was the shimmering barely-there frock she rocked at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards, which fully revealed her nude bra and underwear. 

Aside from the actress, many models have made it clear they aren’t afraid to walk down a runway in lingerie — or even totally nude. 

Emily Ratajkowski has been seen flashing her panties in the past, either on a catwalk or even down the street while running errands. After she stripped down in Robin Thicke’s 2013 music video for “Blurred Lines,” Emily has gotten candid about why she’s comfortable revealing her body. 

“Go to Europe. Travel. If you spend any time there you notice it right away — their comfort level is different,” the model told The Cut in September 2015. “You see more women being openly sexual like it’s not a big deal, without them having to be oversexualized. They are celebrated. You see it on the beaches, daughters with their mothers. It’s not a big deal to see your mom naked. It’s actually quite normal.” 

She then explained that society has “[sexualized] women without actually celebrating women.” 

“I think it’s more a misdirection of values and femininity rather than the country being frigid,” Bella concluded. 

Fellow runway queen Bella Hadid is also an expert when it comes to posing nude or comfortably strutting in her underwear. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum proudly stood onstage topless with only a string thong covering her body at Vogue’s September 2022 show for its Spring 2023 Collection. While posing, she got a white dress spray painted onto her figure. 

No matter where they go, countless stars have made it a trend to embrace their lingerie by showing it off. 

Scroll through the gallery to see which stars have flashed their undergarments. 

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