Snoop Dogg Wins Over ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans With Hilarious Guesses

Snoop Dogg has some funny ideas about English phrases.

This week, the rap legend appeared on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” and instantly won fans over with his wildly incorrect, often hilarious guesses.

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In one of the more impressive moments of the show, Snoop guessed the answer, “baking onions.”

Of course, the answer turned out to be the much more sensible “baking brownies,” which a fellow contestant pointed out Snoop should have easily got.

Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard
Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard
— Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard

But it wasn’t the only mistake he made, guessing, “toilet atlas,” when the actual answer was, “talented artist.”

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“Swallowing the knot,” was another of Snoop’s funny guesses, with the answer being, “sweetening the pot.”

Other swaps included “airport teacher,” in place of “acting teacher,” and “underwater stunt,” instead of “publicity stunt.”

But Snoop did get one moment to shine with the right answer, correctly guessing the phrase, “Sun’s out, buns out!”

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