Sketchy Outlet Claims Amal Clooney Supposedly Can’t Get George To Stop Working Amid Health Fears

Is Amal Clooney worried about her husband’s health? According to one recent report, George Clooney is overworked. Here’s what we know about the Hollywood legend’s health.

‘Control-Freak Clooney Sparks Health Fears’?

This week, the Globe reports George Clooney is on the verge of collapse after a grueling few weeks of work. The filmmaker has been busy directing his new film, The Boys in the Boat, in Europe while reportedly jetting back to Los Angeles when duty calls. “George is driving himself like a man half his age and no one can talk him into slowing down, not even Amal,” an insider squeals. “He’s go go go all the time and there is concern the adrenaline will run out!”

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George is known to push himself to his limits and even developed a nasty case of pancreatitis while losing weight for a role back in 2020. “He’s got half a dozen projects going at once and he’s producing and writing and starring,” the tipster remarks. “Even in the age of Zoom meetings, he can’t make deals remotely. They want to see him in the flesh, and he’s often jetting in on 24-hour turn-around for quick meetings!”

Sources reveal it’s Clooney’s desire to keep his work as close as possible to his Lake Como estate that’s caused such a fuss. “George has two choices—he can come to LA and kiss bosses or he can roll the dice and try to raise money for his projects independently. The money and conditions are always better when you get in bed with the studios, and that’s what George has had to do!” the snitch concludes.

Amal Begging George To ‘Slow Down’?

There’s simply no evidence to suggest George Clooney is putting his career ahead of his health. According to the actor’s IMDB page—while he’s certainly producing quite a few projects—he seems to be coming up on an acting and directing hiatus. There have been plenty of points in his career where he’s been busier, so this tale just doesn’t make much sense.

Furthermore, he and Amal have looked absolutely carefree during recent sightings. While George has allegedly been working himself to death, he’s made sure to clear his schedule for multiple date nights with Amal. Now, everyone is different in this respect, but these kinds of outings don’t exactly speak to a lack of free time. But even if the outlet had presented a convincing case—which it most certainly did not—we would still be skeptical given the publication’s past reporting on the Clooneys.

More Clooney Drama From The Rag

Last year, the outlet alleged George and Amal were headed for a shocking $500 million divorce. Then the publication claimed the Clooneys’ marriage was struggling again just a few months later. And most recently, the magazine reported Amal was furious with George’s incessant flirting with his co-star. Readers should look elsewhere for genuine updates on the beloved couple.

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