Shazam 2 And Black Adam Comic-Con 2022 Panel Recap

Zachary Levi! Lucy Liu! The Rock levitating while shooting lightning bolts!

So, in case you missed it because you were taking a little nap, ya know, all weekend long — San Diego Comic-Con 2022 was this past weekend, and we were gifted with so much new content! Almost too much! It’s a little overwhelming!!!

And BuzzFeed reported live from inside Hall H during the massive Warner Bros./DC Entertainment panel, so let’s list out every single thing we learned, shall we?! Here we go:


The panel was an hour long, and only focused on two titles — but they’re DC’s two major upcoming flicks, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam. You could definitely feel the passion and excitement in the room from the fans for the projects!


First up was Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which is a great title! I love it! We should put exclamation points in the middle of more titles so they read like the manic professional emails I send to my coworkers!

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And, via the trailer, we also got a look at the new cast additions, which include some pretty massive names: Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler!


After the trailer, Zachary Levi came out, and — this has nothing to do with Shazam!, but — the moment he started talking, my brain was like, “LOL, Flynn Rider.”

Daniel Knighton / Getty Images

TBH, he’ll always be Flynn Rider to me.


When asked to catch us up on what’s happening with the “Shazamily” (how the cast of Shazam! refers to themselves, which is just delightful), Zachary said, “We got this really cool look into all the kids getting their superpowers at the end of the last movie, which was so fun, and now, it’s a couple of years on, and we’ve all been flying around, doing various missions, trying to help the city of Philadelphia and the world at large, but again, we’re all still kind of learning how to do that.”


“Lots of growing pains,” he concluded. “Not just in our own powers, but also figuring out our own identity between […] regular self or super self.”


Then, as the rest of the cast in attendance was introduced on stage — which included the likes of director David F. Sandberg, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Lucy Liu — we learned that Lucy, Helen Mirren, and Rachel Zegler will be playing “the film’s all-new trio of mythological sisters, The Daughters of Atlas.”

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Also, Lucy entered Hall H like this, and I can assure you — I will never be the same:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


Also-also, when her character name was revealed — she plays “the Goddess Calypso” — someone in the audience shouted out “FROM AN ANGEL TO A GOD!” which made the whole cast and crowd giggle.

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Get it? Like Charlie’s Angels? A+ to the person in the audience.


When asked about how it felt to bring everyone back together for the sequel while also adding such incredible names to the cast, David said, “It’s awesome because it’s like, this is a sequel now, so we get more money, and we spent it all! It’s a bigger movie. It’s bigger action, bigger stakes, and a bigger cast.”

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And, when asked what it was like having the new actors on-set, Jack joked, “Initially, I was like, ‘Uh, I guess I’m not the star anymore?’ which was weird because I was definitely the star in the first one!”

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He went on to clarify, “No, it was great, and I befriended everybody. Lucy is now my bestest friend, along with Rachel and Helen Mirren…she’s my bestest friend of all time.”

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Side note: But I kept getting distracted by how much Asher Angel has grown to look like a young Nate from Euphoria…like, is this not striking to anyone else? Just me?! Okay.

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Anyway, to end the non-Q&A portion of the panel, they showed the crowd a sweet video message from Helen and Rachel, who couldn’t be there due to scheduling conflicts. The clip consisted of them sending their love and excitement for the film to the crowd, and ended with Helen shouting “PUSSY POWER!” in reference to her kinship with her fellow sisters, which, according to David, was a phrase she also said a lot on-set.

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NEXT UP, we had Black Adam and, y’all, Hall H underwent a DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATION.

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All the lights went out, and the goofy fun from Shazam! was replaced with a rather aggressive smoke machine as the man, the myth, the Scorpion King of my Heart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was risen on a platform in full Black Adam costume to shoot lightning at us, announcing “HALL H, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. THE DC UNIVERSE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.” It was a lot for a Saturday morning! I had only just had my coffee!!!

Through fog and lightning, the Man in Black has finally arrived to Hall H. #BlackAdam #SDCC

Twitter: @DCComics

(Semi-related, but, as a pro-wrestling mega-fan, it was somewhat hilarious to have “lightning” shot at me by “The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment.” We love an accidental full circle moment.)


After the light show, we were introduced to the rest of the cast of the film, which included the likes of Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Quintessa Swindell, as well as director Jaume Collet-Serra.

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When asked if the cast has seen the film yet, Jaume announced that, as of the night before the panel (so Friday, July 22), he’d finally locked the cut on the film!

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And, speaking on what drew him to working on the film, Jaume said, “What attracted me the most was, obviously, working with D.J. one more time, but also the character of Black Adam. He has a very unconventional origin story. He was a slave 5,000 years ago who was given god-like powers, and in our movie he basically awakens in modern times […] and I was very challenged by the character. I like movies with characters who operate in the gray area.”

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Jaume and Dwayne previously worked together on Jungle Cruise!


Also, apparently Jaume is an incredibly shy man, and he even outright referred to speaking on stage in Hall H as his “worst nightmare.” I’m including this bit because I’ve never related to a single human being more in my life, but Jaume, you did great!

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Social Anxiety Club, unite!


Anyway, the journey to having Black Adam made was a long one, with Dwayne noting he’d been with the project for “10 years,” while he and Jaume had been working together on it for “five years.”


Which led to him expressing his gratitude to the fans, saying, “My dream, and Seven Bucks Productions’ dream, was to always come [to Comic-Con], so to be here today to watch Black Adam levitate and throw around lightning like he was passing out candy, I got to tell you guys, this truly is a dream come true. So thank you so much for your love and support.”

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And as they went down the line speaking to the cast, you could really feel the passion and chemistry between all of the actors, just in the way they spoke to each other on-stage.

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images


Also, Aldis shared that he “almost lost the job” because, when Dwayne called him to tell him he got the role, he straight-up thought it was a prank phone call. “I did not believe it was him, so I almost hung up on him […] but when he said, ‘Welcome to Black Adam,’ my brain exploded.”


When speaking of his character, Atom Smasher, Noah chose to discuss his character’s relationship with Quintessa’s Cyclone, and the way in which they differ from other young superheroes, saying, “What I really love about our dynamic […] is that you usually see superheroes when they are already their fully-formed versions of themselves, and in this film, you really get to see two meta-humans figure out what being a superhero is.”


Quintessa jumped off of Noah’s comments, stating, “We’re two young people experiencing our youth and trying to figure out who we are as people, and then we’re thrown into this mix of also utilizing our powers […] so that’s like a journey in and of itself.”

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Quintessa then got a little choked up, saying, “I think, for me, playing Cyclone is, like, the biggest honor of my life so far. The character is so unique, and in a way, I’m very protective over her […] there’s this light that she has, and just in and of itself, her journey of the way she got her powers and the way that she’s choosing to experience them is just so powerful.”


Dwayne finished up by saying, “I think [the passion] is reflective of the movie we made with Black Adam, and this idea that maybe we can usher in a new era in the DC universe. Maybe it’s time to feel a little bit of shift and get in there and disrupt things a little bit, and listen to the fans, which is the most important thing!” Which then led to them unveiling a new “sneak peek” of the film:

View this video on YouTube

Warner Bros. / Via


The whole thing finished up with a lightning quick (no pun intended) Q&A, in which Dwayne was asked who would win in a fight, Black Adam or Superman, and his answer was simple, yet spicy: “Pound for pound, they’re pretty close — but I guess it all depends on who’s playing Superman…and I’ll leave it at that.”

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So, there’s everything you might’ve missed! How excited are you for the next era of DC Comics movies?! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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