Redditor Asks If ‘Star Wars’ Has Ever Been Said In The Series

It seems like the Star Wars movies and shows have been endlessly discussed, with super fans going over every scene obsessively. However, one Reddit user just asked a very important question: have the actual words “Star Wars” ever been spoken by any character in the series?

Reddit Users Answer The Question: ‘Dude Did You Even Watch The Movies?’

“Has ‘Star Wars’ ever been said by someone in the entire Star Wars universe?” the original poster asked. They soon received several hilarious responses from quick-witted Star Wars fans. 

“Dude did you even watch the movies?” one person joked. “‘Luke, join me and with our combined strength, we can win the Star Wars’ -Darth Vader.” Another wrote, “I think Princess Leia sang it once when she was tripping balls on Life Day, but I really don’t feel like rewatching the Star Wars Holiday Special again to find out.”

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“It was when Qui-gon gets stabbed, he whispers, ‘thus begins the Star Wars,’” someone commented. “I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me.” Another fan jumped in: “Yes, at the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke says, ‘We’ve been fighting a lot of star wars lately, haven’t we?’”

One person wrote, “At the end of Phantom Menace, when Anakin gets into the starfighter, he says ‘Now this is Star Wars!’” While most people took the opportunity to joke, one Star Wars fan had a real answer. 

One Fan Has A Real Answer

“Every single answer here is a joke but I have an actual answer for you,” they wrote. “The answer is the words ‘Star’ and ‘Wars’ have not been said together in that order. However, in one of the Mandalore episodes of The Clone Wars, a character on that planet says ‘Beyond these stars, there’s a war going on.’”

Another person chimed in, adding, “Thanks for providing an actual answer. ‘Stars’ are very infrequently mentioned in the main canon movies too. Han solo refers to flying ‘right through a star’ if they jump to hyperspace without the calculations being done beforehand by the computer.”

“In the solar systems that planets are in, the ‘star’ (or stars in Tatooine’s case) at their centre is rarely referred to as such. They just call it a ‘system,’’ they continued. “Star turns up in the names of things more than anything. Bendak Starkiller, Starkiller base, the Star Forge, Starkiller (Galen Marek), Sana Starros.”

While it is pretty funny to think about the characters from Star Wars actually uttering the phrase “Star Wars,” it’s cool that one dedicated fan managed to track down an answer to the original poster’s question. 

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