Rebel Wilsons reaches her desired 2020 bodyweight with a month to spare – Celebrity Tracks

After working really hard for quite a few months, Rebel Wilson has finally reached her weight goal for 2020.

The actress shared the news with her fans on Saturday night by sharing it on her Instagram story.

“Hit my goal with one month to spare!” Wilson wrote with a picture of the scales. “Even though it’s not about a weight number, it’s about being healthy, I needed a tangible measurement to have as a goal and that was 75 kg’s.

The actress also mentioned in her story that she is going to interact with her fans face to face through an Instagram live stream on Tuesday.

“I wanna go live on Insta on Tuesday night when I’m back in US to share stuff with you guys and thank everyone for their support,” Wilson wrote. “Sooo until then…6p NYC time.”

Her fitness streak came to life when she visited the Vivamayr Wellness  Centre in Austria, where she adopted a specialized diet which really helped her lose the desired weight.

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