Random music news for Thursday, July 28, 2022

Spongebob? Is that you? If not, who or what is it? Ponder that as you browse through music news for July 28, 2022.

  1. Things are NOT going well for Facebook employees. See?
  2. YouTube’s quarterly revenues are up again.
  3. And Spotify’s subscriber numbers are up, too.
  4. Speaking of Spotify, Ed Sheeran has become the first artist to have 100,000,000 followers.
  5. Bruce Springsteen’s manager is defending the dynamic pricing model that drove ticket prices to US$5,000.
  6. Lollapalooza is moving to–wait–India.
  7. This new legal tool–if it gets off the ground–could be helpful for all musicians.
  8. If you’re in Toronto, Live Nation has some concert ticket deals for the rest of the summer.
  9. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has announced some week-long musical guest residencies. Good idea! (Via Sean)
  10. Could Arabic pop be the next big thing? Perhaps.
  11. R Kelly’s manager sounds like a swell guy, too. (Sean again)
  12. Looking for something to livestream this weekend? There’s the massive Fuji Rock Festival from Japan.
  13. Shania Twain is talking about her battle with Lyme disease.
  14. “Will classic rockers age gracefully?” Discuss.
  15. Here’s an interesting plan for recycling CDs.
  16. Uh, why?

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BONUS: WOW! So cool! Make sure you watch this all the way to the end.

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