Racist Dunkin’ Donuts Karen Filmed Berating Workers, Tells Them She’ll Call ISIS on Them [Video]

Another day, another racist moment caught in HD.

A now-viral TikTok shows an unidentified woman berating employees at a Philadephia Dunkin’ shop.

In the video posted by Alexis Isabel (@lexxxiiiig) on Tuesday, Dunkin Donuts Karen can be seen yelling at the employee, saying, “I’m gonna call ISIS on your ass.”

She then turns to the worker at the register to say, “I want it in cash,” seemingly about her change. “Where’s the f*cking receipt?” she goes on.

“I paid for ’em; they’re mine,” the woman says about the donuts. “I want a dozen fucking donuts, now,” she continued.

In the odd exchange, the woman continued demanding donuts and tells workers she’s called the cops and plans to call a local news station.

She then proceeds to slam her bank card down, which falls behind the register. After the card falls, she continues yelling at the employees and tries to get them to pick it up.

“Pick up my card now,” she demands.

“I ain’t going nowhere, bitch,” the woman continues. “You suck my dick.”

The video ends with the woman taking out her phone saying she’s calling the police.

No one in the shop was seen intervening. However, the TikToker wrote in the video’s caption that she “snapped on her” but had to stop because she’s six months pregnant.



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