Pamela Hopkins is a “Straight Shooter” On Latest Single

By: Chiara Espero 

Featured on Netflix blockbuster movie ‘To All The Boys: Always and Forever’ and known for her eclectic rendition of the 90s Spice Girls hit “Wannabe,” recording artist Sandflower releases “The Quantum Seed” – a record and visual album proving that anything is possible within the musical realm. 

Similar to Sandflower’s overall vibrant fashion sense and personality, this genre-bending album puts Sandflower in her own category of music, breaking the norms of what it means to be an artist. 

In this album, listeners are taken on a visually striking and sonically stimulating ride, with sounds relating to electro-pop-rock, punk-rap, and synthwave-dubstep eclecticism. “The Quantum Seed” celebrates the ever-shifting experiences in life and explores the intersections of pop music that truly represents the spectrum of the musical universe.

“This album, this collection of songs is me reaching out into the universe with sound, poetry, melody, lyrics. Each song started as a seed of an idea and grew into its own kind of flower. Sometimes it feels like my art, my ideas, even the synchronicities that brought this album together are something out of the Quantum realm,” said Sandflower in an interview. 

The songs in this album are sexy dance hits that will make listeners want to move and is a celebration of versatility. “The Quantum Seed” features 15 tracks and special guests including Unstoppable Death Machines on lead single “Quicksand”, and Migs Mister on latest single, “BUMP”.

From the empowerment anthem “Goddess Cxlture” to high intensity club-bangers like “Wild Things Are” and “Shake That Bottom”, the dynamic sounds and delicious hooks will stay with you for years to come.

Sandflower’s much anticipated visual album The Quantum Seed,” will be available on all streaming platforms on July 29, 2022.

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