Moira agrees to be with Faith when she takes her life

The latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Moira will agree to be with Faith when she takes her life.

Faith will confide in Moira that she is planning to end her own life when the time comes. She asks Moira to be there with her when it happens.

The decision for Moira is intense.

Recent Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Moira will agree to be with Faith when, ultimately, she takes her own life.

But will Moira be able to go through with it?

And will she tell Cain what Faith is planning?

Moira and Faith Emmerdale
Faith is relieved that Moira hasn’t told Cain that she plans to end her own life – but remains steadfast in the hope that she will be there when she dies (Credit: ITV)

Moira keeps Faith’s secret

As the week begins, Faith is relieved that Moira hasn’t told Cain about her plan to end her own life.

However, she remains determined that Moira be there with her at the end.

Although Moira is initially reluctant, she begins to change her mind when Faith’s health takes a turn for the worse, and she sees how much she is struggling.

Faith is overwhelmed with emotion when Moira finally agrees to be with her at the end.

Hoping that she’s made the right choice, Moira breaks down in tears.

Cain Moria Emmerdale
Knowing how Faith plans to end things, Moira doesn’t know how to act around Cain (Credit: ITV)

Cain plans for Faith’s death in Emmerdale spoilers

Later, Moira feels torn when she sees Cain planning hospice care for Faith.

Meanwhile, Faith plans a day of fun for herself, but Cain ruins it by continuing to talk about the hospice.

Moira feels guilty about her part in Faith’s deception to Cain.

Faith Emmerdale
Faith is annoyed by Cain’s insistence on discussing hospice care (Credit: ITV)

Can Moira go through with it?

Later on, Moira asks Faith for details on how she plans to end her own life.

Faith refuses to share the details, saying that it will implicate Moira in a crime if she tells her.

As the reality of the situation sinks in, Moira begins to question what she has agreed to.

Will Moira tell Cain what Faith has planned?

Is her guilt going to get the better of her?

Will Faith end her own life?

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