Mexico City Police Seize More Than One Ton Of Cocaine In ‘Historic Confiscation’

Mexico City police seized more than one ton of cocaine from two trucks that arrived on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca from Columbia.

A “historic confiscation” is what they are calling a huge drug bust that took place this past Tuesday. Complex Media reports that the trucks, which came from Columbia, were set for Los Angeles. The cocaine on the two trucks is reportedly only a portion of the drugs that hadn’t made it to the U.S. Some of it already made it to American soil. In total, the 1.6 tons of seized drugs were worth $20 million.

In a statement, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, head of the government of Mexico City, said Mexico City she is proud of the historic case.

“Today the Secretary of Civil Security made a historic confiscation of 1,600 kg of cocaine,” said Pardo in a Facebook post. “It’s an example that in Mexico City, there is no impunity or complicity.”

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