Max Kallschmidt May Be Dating Olivia Plath’s Sister, You Guys!

We already know that Max Kallschmidt f–cked up big time in his relationship with Moriah Plath.

And how do we know this?

Because Max Kallschmidt admitted so himself, telling Micah Plath on a Welcome to Plathville episode this spring that he cheated on Micah’s sister, Moriah.

“I f—ed up, man, pretty bad,” Max said on air.

Now, meanwhile?

Months after his relationship with Moriah ended due to his wandering lips?

Max may have f–ked up again.

Ever since the breakup, Max has remained active on social media, and he raised the suspicions of followers everywhere last month when he posted Instagram photos featuring of himself and a blonde woman at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

Max Kallschmidt Picture

These photos have since been deleted — but not before many astute observers identified the blonde woman…

… as Lauren Geopinger.

Yes, that would be Olivia Plath’s sister!

Olivia, of course, is the sister-in-law of Moriah; she’s married to Moriah’s brother, Ethan.

Moriah Plath Goes Purple

Moriah and Olivia have always been VERY close, too, so we can only imagine the former’s reaction to the rumor that her pal’s sister is now dating her ex-boyfriend.

On the latest Welcome to Plathville episode, meanwhile, Moriah took major exception to Olivia for a different reason.

According to interviews with various cast members, including Olivia herself, Olivia caused quite a scene at quite an awkward time:

A family gathering to honor the birthday of Joshua Plath, who died at 17 months old in 2008.

“Today I have officially reached my breaking point with all of this drama,” Moriah said in a confessional, referring to whatever transpired.

“I am so done. I am so over it. I’m just tired of fragile relationships,” she added, saying of Olivia:

“If you have to constantly walk on eggshells around somebody’s feelings, if you spend three to four years of your life trying to make that person happy and then you make one decision that doesn’t make ’em happy and it affects your whole relationship?

“That’s not a true friend.”

Moriah Plath on the Premiere

For his part, Kallschmidt detailed several months ago exactly what prompted his split from Moriah:

“I have this good buddy of mine that’s a good bit older than you and I.

“We used to work together and we were kind of celebrating his retirement at his place and he invited his lady friend over that I knew he liked. And so I was trying to be his wingman.

“And so I took things a little too far. I was just flirting with her, and that led her to think that it was okay to try and kiss me, which she did.”

Max added that he subsequently told Moriah after his indiscretion… and she dumped him.

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