Local author publishes second book

“I found out about it first when I was 57,” said Brink. “I was standing there looking at it, and it was a book that talked about ADHD. I said, oh my god, that is me And I bought a book I wrote, and now I finally know who I am.”

The book released this week collaborated with numerous people diagnosed with ADHD, including a local physician.

“It still falls under technically, a mental health condition. None of us are particularly broken with ADHD,” said Dr. Tracey Lotze, an emergency and family physician. ” We kind of process a little differently, some of us chaotically, some of us distractedly, and some in hyperfocus.”

One of the book’s main goals was to bring awareness to ADHD and shine a more positive light on the disorder.

“It’s a superpower that can make you do things,” said Brink. “Not only do equal to anybody else that doesn’t have it, but go beyond that.”

ADHD unlocked is available at Books and Company, Amazon, and John’s A. Brink’s website.

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