Kim Kardashian Australia: New theory for Kim K’s Cairns trip

Celebrity gossip Instagram account, Deuxmoi, has called into question the ‘real’ itinerary for Kim Kardashian’s trip Down Under with boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

The reality star recently flew to spend the weekend with Davidson while he was in Cairns filming a new movie, Wizards!

Since then, multiple businesses claimed to have seen or served the couple, all of which have since been proved as fake, or at the very least, lacking in any concrete proof.

While there are paparazzi snaps of Kardashian touching down at Cairns airport — so we know she was definitely here — Deuxmoi is asking the question: why were they working so hard to hide their trip, and what did they really get up to?

Look, to be fair the answer to the first half is probably just that the relatively new couple wanted time alone, away from cameras and Kardashian’s super-involved family.

The answer to the second is more up in the air, although the strongest suggestion appears to be that the loved up celebrities were hiding out in the Daintree. At the luxurious hideaway, Silky Oaks Lodge to be exact.

This eco stay is basically the first place people mention when they’re talking about luxury in North Queensland — and possibly chosen by Kim to try and offset that private jet she took into the country (joking, that probably didn’t cross her mind).

Nestled into the rainforest near Mossman Gorge, rooms go for $690 to $5000 a night, and the on-site restaurant is considered an experience in itself.

Whatever the most famous Kardashian is doing, Tourism Tropical North Queensland chief executive Mark Olsen told reporters he had hopes it would boost tourism for the area.

“It certainly has created a lot of interest with expectations rising that one of the Kardashians would finally make it to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

“It will generate even more interest now. Over the last two years the internet traffic has gone up dramatically as there are so many things people can discover … We hope Kim Kardashian being here will show that.”

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