Johnny Depp Just Made $3.6 Million In A Few Hours

By Nathan Kamal
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Things are just looking better and better for Johnny Depp. The formerly unemployable (according to his claims in court) actor has not only begun his process of rehabilitation in Hollywood, taking new acting roles for the first time in several years. It also turns out that public opinion has turned around so much that Johnny Depp can make approximately $3.6 million in just a few hours by selling his artwork. 

According to the BBC, Johnny Depp just had his very first exhibition of artwork via Castle Fine Art’s galleries, which include London’s Covent Garden. His debut collection of art sold out within a few hours, reportedly the quickest ever for the company. Johnny Depp announced the sale via his popular Instagram account and fans responded with a fervor that briefly crashed Castle Fine Art’s website. In total, Johnny Depp sold 780 prints of his work; the collection consists of four painting prints, dubbed “The Friends And Heroes” and described as a meeting of pop and street arts. The prints are of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards (a close friend of Johnny Depp’s and an inspiration for his Captain Jack Sparrow character), actor Al Pacino, musician Bob Dylan, and actress Elizabeth Taylor. Each of the limited edition prints was listed online for $3,973, with the set of four available for $15,040, which really adds up quickly. 

The prints can be seen below with Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp
Credit: Johnny Depp/Instagram

Castle Galleries initially advertised the sale via Instagram, where it posted a picture of Johnny Depp working on a painting of Bob Dylan. This is Depp’s first foray into the world of fine art, but in addition to acting, he is known for his musical work. In addition to his recent musical collaborations and live shows with guitar legend Jeff Beck, he has contributed guitar work to recordings by British rock band Oasis, Marilyn Manson, and Shane MacGowan. Since 2012, Johnny Depp has also performed and recorded with his band Hollywood Vampires, which includes Alice Cooper and Joe Perry as members, and various members of Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots while on tour.

In addition to his efforts in fine art and music, Johnny Depp recently broke into the world of video game performances. He performs a blind shopkeeper character in the upcoming (in the United States) MMORPG Sea of Dawns, reportedly inspired by his own dreams. The game is an open-world nautical adventure, which seems appropriate for the once and maybe future star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He also recently lent his voice talents to a CGI cartoon series about a family of puffins. 

All of this comes in the wake of Johnny Depp’s very public and very ongoing legal battles with his estranged former spouse Amber Heard. After the defamation trial which resulted in a verdict largely in his favor, the two have continued to levy various legal claims against each other, which show no signs of slowing. At the very least, it currently seems that Johnny Depp will have no problem bankrolling his legal team.

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