Jackson Wang Announces Release Date Of New Album ‘MAGIC MAN’

Singer and record producer Jackson Wang has today (July 29th) announced that his upcoming sophomore album, ‘MAGIC MAN’ is set to be released Friday, September 9th via via TEAM WANG Records/88rising Records/Warner Records/RYCE MUSIC GROUP.

Made up of 10 original tracks, including the single ‘Blow’ and ‘Cruel’, the record follows Jackson’s journey as he finds himself in an “alternate reality, operating under the laws of mystery, temptation, and confusion.” Named after his alter ego ‘Magic Man’, and billed as being his most vulnerable work to date, Jackson is transported to various realities, each bound by its own set of rules, as he explores what it means to be human and stripped away of any armour.

Produced by Jackson Wang, Daryl K and Henry Cheung, ‘MAGIC MAN’ is available to pre-order now.

Jackson Wang

Produced by Cambo (Doja Cat), Floyd Fuji (Kanye West, Anderson .Paak), Roland Gajate Garcia (Camila Cabello, Kanye West), and LOUALLDAY, the music video for the albums latest single ‘Cruel’ arrives today.

Directed by Rich Lee (Billie Eilish, Eminem, Lana del Rey), with creative / movement directed by Jackson Wang, and choreography by Jackson Wang and Vinh Nguyen, the super slick, cinematic clip successfully manages to bring to life the tracks message to “let go and give in” as Wang performs intricate choreography with a team of dancers set against a backdrop of a burning city skyline.

Of the single, Jackson says in a press release: “’Cruel’ is a very special record for me. It really set the precedence for where the narrative of the album needed to go and sound.” 

“We were working on many records before this one, but we were struggling to find a clear direction. ‘Cruel’ is like a manifestation of the environments and hurdles we had to overcome at the time. Every time we felt we were getting close, something slips past us and it all felt so far away. Once ‘Cruel’ came into our hands, it all made sense for us, it was like a beautiful mental breakdown.” 

‘Cruel’s’ grunge, and raw sound is exactly the perfect representation of the distorted and warped story that I am trying to unfold. It is the opus to a wild yet beautiful symphony.”

Watch the official music video for ‘Cruel’ below:

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