Genre-Bending Artist Sandflower Releases Powerful Visual Album “The Quantum Seed”

Talent Manager launches Record Label GOATHEAD RECORDS

Music is a world made up of the artists singing it, the ones performing it, and the people selling it by putting those pieces of the puzzle together, making sure the success of the enterprise is successfully accomplished.

These “music men” or “impresarios”,  as they were called in the “old music business”, have been lurking behind the curtains away from attention-seeking gossips. Their main goal is to put together songs, projects, and acts in order for others, usually the artists they manage to be able to show them off in front of the audience.

Frank Carrozzo, has been lurking behind the curtains of music and show business for quite some time. At around the age of 16, he started hanging out around other Italian show business impresarios and learning the ways the music business worked. He later got to work as a sound engineer and record producer for names such as Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, The Game, A$AP Ferg, and Blueface. In 2018, he met Sarah Azhari, an Indonesian top actress, singer and entertainer that lived her glory of “Most Wanted Actress of Indonesia” during the 2000’s and the two began working together on her complete rebranding. Azhari, well known for her controversiality in Indonesia, quickly became under Frank’s advice a woman with a positive outlook and love for her fanbase ready to be catapulted back in show business after about 20 years of hiatus.

The two mastered the arts of YouTube marketing, vlogging, and new media entertainment, gaining millions of views around the world and making Sarah’s return official.

After managing other Instagram and Tik Tok influencers, Carrozzo went full into music-man mode, founding GoatHead Records, a Los Angeles based record company with the intent of distributing songs, artists and managing their music careers to stardom. The goal has been already taking action by launching singles for artists such as Beth Bella, a Ukrainian born singer-songwriter whose song “Bang Bang” went viral on Tik Tok, hip hop artist Morrison Machiavelli, Y.Rome, and fresh up and coming DJ and artist ASTRØMAN and Sarah Azhari. The last two, in particular, just released a new single named “Near Or Far.”. The two artists appear to be in love in a sci-fi video executively produced by Carrozzo and released by GoatHead Records.

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