Former US President Barack Obama reveals his 2022 summer playlist

Former US President Barack Obama recently put out his highly anticipated summer playlist on Twitter and it features a notable Canadian musician.

After just a few hours, the tweet has garnered over 70,000 likes and thousands of reactions in the form of replies and retweets.

Obama is also receiving some friendly flack for artists and music he has not included on his summer playlist.

Obama’s playlist features some of the old and some of the new.

From classic jazz tracks like Blue in Green by Miles Davis and Take Five by Dave Brubeck, to modern hits like Die Hard by Kendrick Lamar and Under Control by The Internet, Obama’s playlist covers a vast spectrum of genres and eras.

It also features a notable Canadian artist.

The king of Toronto, Drake, made Obama’s list with his song that features Rihanna called Too Good.

Obama even received a response to his inclusion of some artists, like the legend Al Green.

And lesser known artists like Caamp.

Obama’s playlist left him open to plenty of chirping from music snobs on Twitter.

There were also some Twitter users using this tweet as an opportunity to get political.

Surprisingly, most people seem to think Obama has great taste in music.

Click here to listen to Obama’s summer 2022 playlist, or find it embedded below.

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