For The Casablanca Ad, Nicolas Cage Portrays Nicolas Cage

With the help of its partnership with New Balance, Moroccan designer Charaf Thayer’s Casablanca has risen to the top of the fashion world and is now showcasing its Fall/Winter 2022 collection with a campaign led by none other than Nicolas Cage. Casablanca has also become a staple in many famous people’s wardrobes.

Cage can be seen on the cover of the most recent collection, which was photographed by Hugo Comte, alongside two of the most popular fashion figures of recent memory, Elton Mason and Anok Yai. Early concept drawings by American artist Eric Fischl combine Hollywood glitz with sarcastic overtones to create images of a futuristic neighborhood.

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Introducing the new line, Thayer said: “Los Angeles is a significant place for me, and I wanted to create a real Hollywood moment with the models that I adore, like Elton, who is a personal friend of mine, and Anok, who I truly love and who I consider to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

In addition, we have Nicolas Cage, an icon. This was the ideal situation because Hugo and I are close friends and have been wanting to collaborate for a while.

With the help of our own life experiences and a universal pop cultural vocabulary, we have revisited Hollywood history to create timeless styles that go beyond fashion.

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“We recreated the Hollywood tradition with our own life tales, merging richness and romanticism to create eternal images out of the fashion perspective, with a universal lexicon of pop culture,” continues Comte.


The end result is a campaign that feels Casablanca authentically, capturing the company in its own time as a zeitgeist of superstars and pop culture. This resonates with the decision to cast Cage, who has lately begun to develop a passion for the company, making him a genuine fit for Casablanca.

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