Fashion Pieces to Sport This Winter

And just like that, winter is right around the corner. The spooky season has made its way out of the year, and the festive holiday time is coming fast. Starbucks is dropping its holiday menus, and gift commercials have started playing, which means one thing, winter is here.

Besides the decent weather recently, after a year-long of ups and downs, this winter is expected to be brutal, so bundle and wear one of these fashionable accessories this season.

Bucket Hat 

There are so many ways this accessory item is an all-around year ordeal. The bucket hat is the perfect way to ensure your ears and head are nice and warm from summer to winter.

Balaclava Mask

The Balaclava masks have been spotted all over the runway. From Bella Hadid to Balenciaga, the mask is the newest way to accessorize but stay warm during the frosty season. It covers the ears, neck, and mouth if you want extra warmth.

Furry Purse

If you don’t want to opt for the sleek fully-covered gloves and want to show off that fresh manicure, get a furry bag. Great for pics and great for quick “pocket warmers” when needed.

Balenciaga-inspired Gloves

The gloves can go with any outfit, whether a two-piece or one-piece. The sleek look keeps the arms warm because the gloves extend long. Yes, it’s a Balenciaga staple, but almost every fashion brand incorporates gloves fit on sites, so you have options!


Neck Scarf

The neck scarf is the easiest way to stay warm, and though a cozy-looking one may tempt you, the silk scarves are in for the winter, so try something different.

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