Faith decides to end her own life

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal Faith‘s decides to end her own life so that she doesn’t let the cancer beat her.

Confiding in Moira, Faith wants her to help her out when she’s ready to die.

Will Moira agree in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers?

Moira and Faith Emmerdale
Faith asks Moira an important question (Credit: ITV)

Faith wants to end her own life

Viewers will know that Faith has been struggling recently with the lack of control she now has over her life.

She recently decided on a DNR and wanted Cain to have lasting power of attorney.

Now, she’s decided to end her own life when the time comes.

Faith lets Moira in on her decision and wants her to be there at the end.

Moira’s not sure that she can go through with what Faith wants her to do but after seeing Faith’s health decline yet again, she agrees.

However, Moira can’t help but feel like she’s betraying Cain.

Is she doing the right thing?

Emmerdale Cain and Moira
Moira doubts her decision (Credit: ITV)

Moira feels guilty

Knowing what she’s just agreed to, Moira’s guilt starts to creep up as she listens to Cain talk about hospices.

Trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, Faith plans some fun activities for her family, but Cain and Chas‘ minds are solely focused on sorting out a hospice for Faith.

Moira’s left feeling guilty, but she continues to go through with the plan.

Later, she asks Faith to share her plans, but Faith doesn’t tell her.

She doesn’t want Moira to get in trouble for assisting suicide but is still adamant that she’s going to end her own life.

Will this pressure become too much for Moira to cope with?

Will she keep Faith’s secret?

Faith Emmerdale
Faith’s time is almost up (Credit: ITV)

Will Moira help Faith with her plan?

When Faith first found out that she had cancer again, Moira was her biggest supporter.

Despite not wanting to, she kept Faith’s cancer a secret from everyone – even Cain.

So, even though she feels guilty, will Moira support Faith once more in her decision?

Or will she tell Cain what his mum is planning?

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