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My First Brain Quest ABCs

illustrated by Marisa Morea

Workman Publishing

2022, 26 pages

ISBN: 9781523514120

ages 0+

Young children will enjoy learning the alphabet with this board book. Not only does each page feature a letter of the alphabet including the capital form of the letter and its lower case, but it also asks three questions. For example, for the letter “Tt” there is the phrase “Tents on a trail” accompanied by a nature scene with two tents and children looking out of the tent opening. The questions with this scene are “What colors are the tents?”, “Where are the children?” and “What else begins with /t/?” These questions further engage a child in learning and having a conversation. This is a fun, educational book for an adult to share with a young child. Bold, colourful illustrations complement the text.

My First Brain Quest 123s

illustrated by Manu Montoya

Workman Publishing

2022, 22 pages

ISBN: 9781523503810

ages 0+

Young children can learn their numbers and language development with this nicely illustrated board book. The book with rhyming text covers numbers from one to ten. Not only are numbers represented in different ways, but children also learn by answering the questions. For example, the number six is represented by the numeral (6), the written form of the number (six) as well as two hands holding up six fingers as well as six dots. The rhyming text emphasizes the number six while the questions – “Can you count the fish?”, “What color is the biggest fish?” and “Can you use your fingers to show six?” – further educates the child through conversation.

Belly Button Book!

Sandra Boynton

Simon & Schuster

2002, 2005, 2014, 22 pages

ISBN: 9781665925051

ages 0+

Young children – and adults – will enjoy this board book from Sandra Boynton. Not only are the illustrations awesome, but the rhyming text is fun, too. The story is about a tiny hippo (and big hippos) who like belly buttons. These hippos head to the beach in warm weather in the hopes of you admiring their belly buttons. After dark they gather to sing a song about belly buttons.

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