Emmerdale spoilers: Cain lies to Moira

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Cain lies to Moira again as she comes to visit him in prison, asking questions about Al’s affair.

Moira is desperate to know who Al’s other woman is and speaks about it to Cain.

How does Cain lie to Moira in Emmerdale spoilers?

Chloe thinks Moira was having an affair with Al (Credit: ITV)

Moira wants to clear her name

Viewers will know that Chloe has it in her head that Moira was having an affair with Al.

After initially accusing Priya, Chloe then decided that Moira was Al’s other woman.

Matty has become suspicious of Moira and has started to believe Chloe’s accusations, despite Mack telling him that Moira is innocent.

Now, Moira, Amy and Kyle return back to the village to find out about the rumours.

Moira is eager to clear her name and find out who Al was actually having an affair with.

Amy defends Moira and tells Chloe to stop accusing her.

She should stop trying to find out the truth as she could hurt Kerry’s feelings if she does.

But, will Chloe stop accusing Moira?

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Cain doesn’t tell Moira the truth (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Cain lies to Moira

Moira visits Cain in prison with both of them fearing that the truth about Kyle is spreading out of their control.

Moira then tells him that it looks like Al was having an affair.

She starts asking questions and wants to know who Al was seeing.

All she wants is to clear her own name and get to the truth.

Cain fails to tell Moira the truth about Chas, despite not long telling Chas that she’s dead to him.

As Moira presses on, Cain acts as if Al’s affair is new news, protecting his sister.

Will Cain let Moira try and solve the other woman’s identity?

How many more secrets can Moira and Cain keep from each other?

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Emmerdale - Cain Tells Chas She Is Dead To Him

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