Emmerdale fans beg soap to ‘end the cheating’ as another affair revealed

Emmerdale fans have begged the soap to ‘end all the cheating’ as yet another affair storyline is revealed.

Upcoming scenes on the soap will show Liam cheating on Leyla by kissing Bernice.

Shocked fans quickly took to social media to lodge their displeasure.

This comes as Chas continues her controversial affair with Al Chapman.

With viewers already annoyed by the continuing Chas and Al storyline, Liam kissing Bernice seems like a step too far.

Emmerdale Liam and Bernice kiss
Liam and Bernice kiss (Credit: ITV)

The fans voice their displeasure

Writing on Entertainment Daily’s Facebook page, the fans quickly raged at the soap:

“There’s a surprise cheating, has anyone been missed out?!” one fan snapped.

“What a joke this show has become,” another wrote.

Others agreed: “Same old story, getting boring now”

“Omg is there any happiness in this bloody village?” One viewer wondered.

Others noted the high ratio of women cheating on their partners. “There can’t be many women left that hasn’t had a fling with one or more of the cast, in such a small village,” one fan said.

“That’s what soaps are about everyone cheating on everyone, shouldn’t be called emmerdale, maybe knocking off village,” another joked.

Emmerdale Al and Chas under the covers
Chas Dingle and Al Chapman have also been carrying on with a long-running affair in the village (Credit: ITV)

Is Emmerdale running out of ideas?

Over on Twitter, other fans agreed, with some theorising that the show had run out of fresh material:

“Is cheating the only storyline that Emmerdale can come up with now?” said one infuriated fan.

“So done with Emmerdale and their cheating storylines. It’s getting boring now,” another agreed.

“I don’t know one single viewer that genuinely enjoys cheating stories they are just insufferable and soooo unnecessary. I understand soaps are here for the drama but some couples actually stay together happy and don’t cheat.”

Liam and Bernice - Emmerdale
Liam and Bernice hook up behind Leyla’s back (Credit: ITV)

Have the fans had enough?

Between Liam and Bernice, and Chas and Al, it seems as though fans have had their fill of affair storylines.

Fans have been particularly vocal in their distaste for Chas and Al’s affair, branding the pair ‘vile.’

Is this latest development a step too far?

Is it time for Emmerdale to lay off the affairs?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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