Did Arnold Schwarzenegger’s series FUBAR fail to impress Netflix fans? Here’s what we know

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new show ‘FUBAR’ was released on Thursday, May 25, 2023. The 75-year-old actor is best known for his roles in films like Conan the Barbarian, The Running Man, and Terminator. The show revolves around a CIA agent who has kept his spy life a secret from his family but he is dragged back for one last mission before he retires. While some fans are applauding the Terminator star for his television debut and action-comedy comeback, many fans are calling the show ‘boring’. Some critics even took to Twitter to share that the show is so ‘terrible’ that it makes them cancel their subscription with the streaming giant. 

FUBAR has drawn criticism from NETFLIX viewers despite it being the actor’s first leading role in a live-action television series. For the unversed, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a retired bodybuilder professional, and the 38th governor of California between 2003 and 2011.


What is FUBAR about?

The series centers around a CIA agent named Luke Brunner (Schwarzenegger) who has kept his family in the dark about his work as a spy. He is dragged back in for one last mission just when he is about to retire. While on his last trip, he learns that his daughter (Monica Barbaro) has also been hiding something from him—she is also a spy! The two are compelled to work together on their current mission, and while dealing with the customary father-daughter family problems, they also have to deal with terrorists, gunrunners, and nuclear weapons against a backdrop of the entire world.


Fans reaction to Arnold’s latest effort on-screen

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s show didn’t stand up to the expectations of his fans who were excited for his debut  in a live-action television series. One fan wrote, “FUBAR Gives Us a Flat, Uninspired, Boring Schwarzenegger Retread: Review: The star’s basic-cable-caliber action-comedy may make you cancel your Netflix subscription.” Another fan commented, “FUBAR: a handheld laser that cuts Arnold sized holes in 3ft of concrete in 15 seconds. Seems to me the writers went on strike a LOOOONG time ago.” 

A third fan wrote, “Look, I really wanted to find and enjoy some campy fun in #Schwarzenegger’s latest Netflix series #FUBAR, which ventures into Dad TV territory just as Stallone’s #TulsaKing did, but I couldn’t. It’s lame, boring, & predictable.” A fifth fan wrote, “FUBAR on #Netflix is terrible… I tried… I really did… The ‘comedy’ includes Arnold arguing about ice cream cake and dialog like ‘I killed him in Operation Jungle Book.”

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be seen next in the movie Kung Fury 2. Before FUBAR, the actor was the game host on the show Little Demon. 


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