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In her book “Cry in Solitude,” Akram Eslami writes about Ashraf Al-Sadat Montazeri, who she believes might serve as a successful example for modern Muslim women who, in addition to their own concerns, also look out for their people.

* Were you acquainted with Ashraf Al-Sadat Montazeri, the mother of the martyr Mohammad Memarian, before creating the book?

No, before meeting her for the first time, I knew nothing about her. But as soon as I met her, I was captivated by her attitude, lifestyle, and managerial techniques used in Jihad activities, all of which were interesting and educational to me.

* How did the inspiration for creating the book first strike?

A project about the martyrs’ mothers had to be completed. Writing books about the daily lives and pursuits of martyrs’ mothers was the project’s final step after initial research and analysis. Mrs. Montazeri was one of the mothers who was identified and honored in the same project.

When I initially evaluated and studied the main sources, I became aware that this character is not like other people. If a book is published based on the life of this woman, she can serve as a role model for many women in society because of her traits, which almost make her unique.

* What was your plan for talking to Mrs. Montazeri and then basing your book on her words?

Our meetings were continued in a fairly regular schedule. The interviews were conducted by me, and they were carried out exactly as planned. I would categorize the texts, and if further talks were required, I would add them to the primary texts. Then the writing process began, which was finished with the fewest issues thanks to the ample resources I had available.

* What time periods of this mother’s life does your story describe?

The primary subject of the book is Mrs. Montazeri’s life experiences, from her early years up until her son Muhammad Memarian’s martyrdom. Some of her moral virtues are also addressed.

* How long did the research and writing for this book take?

The essential information for this book took around a year to compile, and I also needed about a year and a half to write it.

* What did the narrator of the work say once the book was published? Was she happy with the outcome?

Yes! One of my pleasures is that she was delighted with the outcome and exclaimed with joy when she saw it.

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