Coco Is “Emotional Wreck” During Daughter Chanel’s First Day of School

The first day of school can be tough—for parents, too.

Coco Austin gave a glimpse into how she felt after dropping off her and Ice-T‘s 6-year-old daughter Chanel at her first day of first grade.

In a video shared to Coco’s Instagram page on Sept. 8, the mom said that she “wasn’t emotional all morning until…….I gave her a hug goodbye.” The clip first showed Chanel walking into school before cutting to footage of Coco in tears behind the steering wheel.

“I thought this year I had my emotions under control,” Coco wrote. “It takes a minute to get a grip.”

The 43-year-old chalked up the tough moment to “#MomLife.” She further reflected on the milestone by saying, “I know you moms can relate… Who else is an emotional wreck on the 1st day of school?”

One day ago, Chanel’s Instagram page shared a snapshot of the 6-year-old holding up a sign that celebrated her new grade and a few facts about herself.

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