Coco Austin cannot seem to catch a break from the Internet trolls who are determined to scrutinize her parenting style every step of the way. The celebrity mom took to social media this past weekend to defend her decision to bathe her and Ice-T’s daughter, Chanel Nicole, in the sink.

Chanel was headed to a fashion event with her mom on the evening in question. Coco was particularly excited to bring her daughter along as the fashion show would be the first that Chanel attended as a prospector. The celebrity mom shared a video clip of her daughter getting ready for the big night, which included footage of Chanel taking a bath in what appeared to be the kitchen sink.

Many were shocked that Coco’s 6-year-old daughter was able to comfortably sit in the sink and bathe. “How deep is the sink,” one supporter asked Coco. “I wish mine was that deep,” the fan added. “Every time I wash dishes it’s water all over the countertop.” Another social media follower said, “I need this in my life,” in reference to the sink.

The majority thought Chanel bathing in the kitchen sink to be hilarious. A few critics, however, missed the humor of the moment. “She’s definitely old enough to bathe herself,” one Instagram user said. “With the breastfeeding and all, it’s creepy how hard she is trying to keep this girl in an infantile stage,” the follower added.

Another of Coco’s critics wrote, “If she can put her lil heels on, she can get in the shower or bath tube. I understand it’s your only child, but she’s growing up and some things aren’t for the world to see, such as her in the bath.”

Coco Austin responded to the scrutiny in a social media post this past weekend. “Wow just Wow! Here we go again,” she exclaimed. “Giving my lil girl a bath in the sink went Viral? SMH,” Coco wrote online. “People, you gotta know by now that I’m an unconventional mother,” the celebrity mom told her fans and critics. “I do what works and is easier on me. Some may want to take some pointers rather than rag on me!”

Chanel Nicole is Coco Austin and Ice-T’s only child together.

Photo: Coco Austin/Instagram

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