Classic rock band Chilliwack will headline Rock the Lake music festival – Kelowna News

Chilliwack rocking the lake

Speakers will be on full blast from August 5 to 7 as the Rock the Lake music festival is set to return to Kelowna’s downtown after a three-year COVID hiatus.

Headlining the event and closing down the weekend will be 52-year-old rock band Chilliwack, featuring lead guitarist and singer Bill Henderson and the rest of the band which includes Ed Henderson, Jerry Adolphe and Gord Maxwell.

Best known for their hit song “Fly At Night”, Chilliwack has racked up quite the following on Spotify, and they’re excited to bring their best performance possible to Rock the Lake 2022.

“Classic rock music is huge right now. It blows my mind that young people and older fans that still come out love this music … It’s really strong, we get really great responses – people sing the songs, they know the songs, they love the music – We just really enjoy playing for them and having fun with them.”

Bill says he tried to do online music shows during the pandemic to stay sharp, but it just wasn’t his jam. He says the band is excited to get back in front of people regularly again as seeing fans’ reactions to their music is inspirational in itself.

“The past couple of months there have been some festivals. We played St. John’s Iceberg Alley about a month ago, the National’s in Moncton New Brunswick, lots of different shows – we’ve been busy … We’re in shape, we’re ready to rock, we’re doing it.”

Chilliwack was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2019 and will be one of 14 bands performing at this year’s Rock the Lake music festival. Other big name bands include The Spoons, A Flock of Seagulls, The Tea Party and the Kings.

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