Chas leaves fans enraged after funeral ban

Emmerdale fans were left furious as Chas banned her sister-in-law Moira from attending Faith’s funeral.

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode (Wednesday, October 26) Chas found out that Faith ended her own life and that Moira knew about her plan.

Furious, Chas banned Moira from the funeral. But fans were enraged with Chas, pointing out she wasn’t there for her mum as she was with her secret lover Al.

Emmerdale Faith crying as she looks up at Cain
Faith died with Cain by her side (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Chas finds out the truth about Faith’s death

Earlier this year Faith discovered her cancer had returned and was terminal.

The first person she told was her daughter-in-law Moira and she begged her not to tell Cain or Chas.

Eventually Faith told her family about her diagnosis and Chas was not happy that she confided in Moira first.

As time went on, Faith’s cancer began to spread to her brain, leaving her terrified hat she would become confused.

Faith made the decision that she would end her own life so she had some control.

She told Moira her plan and made her promise not to tell anyone.

Moira kept her promise, but didn’t feel right about it.

Earlier this month, Faith spent a final day with her friends and family before saying her veiled goodbyes.

She sent her daughter Chas on a spa day. However Chas used that as a chance to spend time with Al, who she’s been having an affair with for months.

When Moira became concerned Faith was going to go through with her plan, Faith told her she would still be around for some time.

Faith and Moira Dingle at the hospital waiting for Faith's procedure as Moira encourages her to tell Cain the truth
Moira was the first to know about Faith’s cancer (Credit: ITV)

However the same day, Faith did end her own life.

Moira realised something was wrong when she found out Faith had given Sarah a sentimental necklace.

She quickly contacted Cain and they rushed over to the Woolpack.

Cain and Moira realised what Faith had done and Cain stayed with his mum as she died.

Cain started to question how Moira knew something was wrong with his mum and she was forced to come clean that Faith had planned to end her own life.

Meanwhile Chas missed Faith’s death after Al switched her phone to silent while they were at the spa.

However in tonight’s episode Chas discovered that Faith didn’t die from cancer.

Emmerdale Chas and Al in bed
Chas was with Al when Faith died (Credit: ITV)

Chas bans Moira from Faith’s funeral

After discussing Faith’s funeral with vicar Charles and Cain, Chas became upset and went into the pub’s backroom.

Cain was forced to tell his sister the truth – that Faith ended her own life.

When Chas found out Moira knew about Faith’s plan, she was furious.

Moira tried to explain herself but Chas said if she told her Faith’s plan she could’ve stopped her or at least been there when she died.

Moira said she tried to get Faith to tell her and Cain, but she wouldn’t.

Cain explained what happened the day Faith died and that she had tried to keep Chas away when she died.

However Chas was not having it and was disgusted with Cain and Moira.

When Chas’s husband Paddy arrived home, Chas told him how Faith really died.

He was speechless. But Chas made the decision to ban Moira from Faith’s funeral.

Fans were furious with Chas pointing out Moira was the one who was there for her, while she spent most of her time with Al.

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