Cardi B slammed by fans after hosting Thanksgiving party for “forty” guests with husband Offset – Celebrity Tracks

Cardi B is receiving serious backlash after she hosted a huge Thanksgiving party at her house which included 25 adults and 12 kids, ignoring the ongoing pandemic.

The rapper was heavily criticized by the fans when she revealed she hosted a party with a guest list of forty people, further calling the occasion ‘lit.’

In the wake of Coronavirus, health officials have warned Americans to not hold big gatherings, as doing so may cause a serious surge in the number of cases.

Cardi B and Offset spark reunion rumours at her Las Vegas birthday party

In response to the stinging fan comments, Cardi later apologized by saying, “sorry my bad.”

But the apology seemed half-hearted as she later went on to blame people by saying that people were “trying too hard to be offended.”

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