Cain pleads guilty to murder, but will Moira betray him?

Emmerdale resident Cain Dingle pleaded guilty to the murder of Al Chapman in tonight’s episode (Friday, November 4).

However it was revealed Cain is trying to protect Al’s real killer – his son Kyle.

But as Cain finally told Moira the truth, will she betray him and her stepson?

Emmerdale Cain and Al looking angry in a barn
Al died after being shot (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Cain reveals Kyle killed Al

Earlier this week Cain discovered that Al had been having an affair with his sister, Chas.

Cain tricked Al into meeting him in a remote barn and confronted him with a shotgun.

However he put it down, telling Al it was just to get his attention.

The two men started to fight. But soon they both reached for the shotgun.

A gunshot went off, which was heard by Al’s fiancée Kerry.

Kerry discovered Cain stood by Al’s dead body holding the gun.

She called the police and Cain was arrested and charged with Al’s murder.

Emmerdale Cain in prison
Cain pleaded guilty to Al’s murder (Credit: ITV)

In tonight’s episode Cain’s family went to court for Cain’s plea hearing.

Moira was completely shocked when Cain decided to plead guilty to murder.

Back at home, Kyle overheard Moira saying that Cain is facing prison. He got upset and began smashing up the house.

She later got a call to visit her husband in prison.

Moira told Cain about Kyle’s outburst and said she needed to break the cycle of violence.

As she got up to leave she told Cain she refused to let him hurt Kyle and Isaac anymore.

But Cain begged Moira not to let Kyle speak to anyone.

When Moira questioned why he admitted that Kyle was the one who shot Al.

Will Moira keep his secret?

Kyle killed Al (Credit: ITV)

Will Moira betray Cain and Kyle?

We know Moira has form for betraying Cain.

Earlier this year, Cain’s mum Faith confided in Moira that her cancer had returned.

When Faith and Moira found out Faith’s cancer was terminal, she begged Moira not to say anything.

Moira agreed not to tell Cain and let Faith tell him when she’s ready.

After weeks, Faith finally told her family about her diagnosis. But the Dingles weren’t happy that Moira knew.

Emmerdale concerned Moira wants to find out what's going on
Will Moira keep Cain and Kyle’s secret? (Credit: ITV)

As Faith’s cancer started to spread to her brain, Faith knew she would start to become confused and made the decision to end her own life.

The only person she told about her decision was Moira and again, Faith asked her not to tell anyone.

Moira begged her not to go through with her plan but Faith did end her own life.

After Faith died Cain realised that Moira knew Faith planned to take her own life.

Moira explained there was nothing she could do to change her mind.

But now Moira has to keep another secret, will she be able to keep it to herself, or will she crack and tell the police the truth?

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