Cain and Moira over for good after she betrays him?

In Emmerdale scenes tonight Moira Dingle betrayed husband Cain, but can they come back from this?

With the Dingles falling apart following Kyle’s murder confession, Moira had to do something to help.

Despite Cain’s express wishes she do nothing, Moira made the decision to go against her imprisoned other half.

But what does that mean for their future?

Emmerdale's Kyle talks to the police and looks nervous
Kyle has confessed to killing Al (Credit: ITV)

Aftermath of Kyle’s killer confession

After Kyle told the police he murdered Al Chapman, Moira is beside herself with worry.

She’s also fuming, believing Cain’s long-lost brother Caleb Miligan to be behind Kyle’s confession.

Caleb acted innocent, once again offering to help get a lawyer for Kyle and cover the cost of one of the top defence teams in the country.

During a prison visit with Cain, Moira told him what had happened.

Cain brushed it off, saying the police only had Kyle’s word for it and they could just say he was trying to get his dad out of jail. However, Moira then revealed Kyle had taken his jumper covered in blood as evidence.

Cain was floored.

But he was even more furious when Moira revealed her next move.

She told him Caleb had offered to pay for the lawyers and she felt it was their only chance of getting Kyle off a murder charge.

However, Cain was having none of it. He expressly forbid her to have anything to do with Caleb.

Emmerdale's Moira and Amy sit on the sofa and try to look shocked and confused
Moira and Amy are trying to deal with the fallout from Kyle’s confession (Credit: ITV)

Moira betrays Cain in Emmerdale

Stressed Moira didn’t know what to do for the best.

With Cain in prison, he’s not best placed to help his son. However, she didn’t want to go against Cain’s wishes.

Amy urged her to reconsider, thinking Caleb and his lawyers were their only choice.

“But my husband will never talk to me again,” said Moira.

“My son needs help,” Amy told her, asking her to choose.

As the village rang in the New Year, the scene cut from Cain alone in his prison cell to Moira approaching Caleb in the village.

“Yes,” she told him as the first firework shot up. “Please. We need your help.”

Caleb nodded his head before handing her a glass of Champagne and joining the other villagers celebrating in the street.

Moira walked away into the night, clearly uncomfortable at what she’d done.

Is there anyway back for Cain and Moira in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Is it all over for Moira and Cain in Emmerdale?

Moira was correct about Cain as he soon refuses to speak to her.

By Wednesday January 11 the couple are back on speaking terms when Cain arranges a call between them.

Moira is relieved he at least wants to talk to her, but what does he have to say?

Can Cain get over this act of betrayal? Especially given it was with his own brother, who he expressly asked her to stay away from?

Or is Cain calling to tell Moira it’s over for good?

Some fans have predicted Caleb is going to bed Moira to get revenge on Cain – and if he dumps his wife and leaves her feeling vulnerable and alone, it could well happen…

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