Britney Spears slams reports about her mental health: ‘I take care of myself!’

Britney Spears’ well-being has been making headlines ever since she was freed from her abusive conservatorship in November 2021. Her bizarre Instagram post has also contributed to some feeling that the singer is not doing well.

Recently, after the release of Britney Spears’s documentary by TMZ about her troubled life, the singer’s husband – Sam Asghari came to her defense on Instagram. Sam said that people shouldn’t believe what they read online about Britney along with slamming the ‘disgusting’ false stories.

In a recent statement on Instagram, Britney Spears slammed the rumors about her mental state and said that she is doing fine.

Britney Spears on her health

Britney Spears addressed the reports that she is struggling after getting freed from the abusive conservatorship in November 2021. The singer insisted that she is doing fine along with slamming the people who are ‘creating lies’ about her.       

In her Instagram statement, Britney wrote that she did a ‘damn good job’ in practice of being a good person and is disgusted with the people who are creating fake narrative that she is not doing well. The Criminal singer added that she is quite happy with her easy ways of living and take good care of herself.



By no means am I perfect !!! Some days are better than others and I do a good job at keeping it together !!! No I don’t show myself crying and weeping on my bad days because frankly it’s none of anybody’s business !!! You all have private homes with private doors with private issues … that’s why it’s called private !!! I believe in taking my vulnerable moments to myself … Why would I ever share that with a world and media who hurt me deeply at one point in my life … No thank you !!!

Britney Spears on Instagram


Britney Spears further elaborated that she also has an amazing therapist and friends who support her. The singer asked people to stop with their negativity towards her.

Reportedly, Britney Spears will tell her story through a long-awaited memoir which can also be converted to a documentary. This memoir will be about her ‘survival’ and ‘triumph’.

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