Britney Spears Says Her Mom Slapped Her ‘So Hard’ After Night Partying With Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan

By Corey Atad.

Britney Spears is revealing more about her difficult relationship with her mom.

In a post on Instagram, the singer shared an anecdote about an incident in which her mother, Lynne Spears, slapped her.

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“The first time I ever got slapped was the one night Paris [Hilton] and Lindsay [Lohan] dropped me off at my beach house with my babies,” she wrote.

The caption was accompanied by a clip from the movie “Monster-in-Law”, in which Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda slap each other repeatedly.

“My mother was watching Jayden and Preston … yes I partied till like 4am and my mother was PISSED !!!!” Britney continued. “I walked in she looked at me and slapped me so hard that I will never forget it !!!”

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She also said that the incident happened after her ex-husband Kevin Federline had left her. The couple divorced in 2006.

Britney and her mother have been estranged in recent years due in part to the fallout from the singer’s conservatorship battle.

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