Britney Spears and Mom Lynne End Estrangement, Meet in Person Amidst Reconciliation Efforts

Over the years, a lot of disgusting people have used Britney Spears.

Some wanted money. Others wanted to launch their own careers. And some seemed to only want control.

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, has oscillated through different roles. Sometimes, she and Britney are on relatively good terms. Other times … not at all.

Right now, the two are trying to reconnect. That is a huge deal, considering where things stood just months ago.

Lynne Spears
Lynne Spears is most famous for her daughter. The two have had their ups and downs over the years. (Getty)

TMZ reports that Lynne Spears flew to Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 24.

This wasn’t some random, late-May flight. She flew out for a specific purpose.

Lynne was there to visit her daughter, the incomparable Britney Spears.

After putting on an Australian accent for the camera, Britney Spears showed off and danced with a dress. (Instagram)

And, despite many years of bad blood, competing versions of events, and some outright failures, Britney was reportedly feeling “receptive.”

Britney graciously invited Lynne into her home.

There, the two apparently spent some time catching up.

One of the times that Britney Spears is happiest is when she gets to enjoy the water. (Instagram)

So, the specifics: Lynne disembarked from her flight in the morning. From there, she went to the home of Cade Hudson, Britney’s manager.

At that point, she took an Uber to Britney’s mansion.

This was a planned trip. Britney was unsure exactly when her mother would arrive, but knew that Lynne was in town to visit her.

In a one-minute Instagram video, Britney Spears discussed a lovely dress while putting on an Australian accent. (Image Credit: Instagram) (Instagram)

As for the visit itself, the two went inside.

TMZ reports that they spent an eerily specific thirty minutes chatting and catching up.

Britney’s husband (which means that he is Lynne’s son-in-law) Sam Asghari was also there. It makes sense — he lives there, and he’s family.

It seems that Sam Asghari enjoys going for a swim as much as his beautiful wife does. (Instagram)

According to the report, the metaphorical ice between Britney and Lynne is “thawing” these days. And it didn’t start with this visit.

The two have been texting each other recently.

This is how Lynne knew that Britney would be receptive to her making the trip all the way from Louisiana to Los Angeles.

Britney Is on Vacation
Britney Spears recently returned to Instagram after deleting her account. And some fans are convinced that the pop icon is hiding a secret. (Instagram)

In recent years, Britney Spears has spoken out about how her family betrayed her, robbing her of her freedom.

She lost more than a decade of her life to a conservatorship.

Obviously, her widely despised father, Jamie Spears, was the primary antagonist of that story. But that does not diminish the betrayals from other family members — or Lynne’s own failures to act in Britney’s interests.

Britney Spears celebrated the debut success of “Hold Me Closer” with a glorious topless pic, snapped and shared from Sunset Tower. (Photo Credit: Instagram) (Instagram)

In fact, many reports say that it was only a couple of years before the end of Britney’s conservatorship that Lynne seemed to take an interest.

Suddenly, in 2019, we began hearing about her getting involved on the legal side of things. She even shared some concerns on social media.

But Britney has a lot of very understandable hard feelings on the matter. On many matters, really.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari kissed more than once on their beautiful wedding day, as this GIF illustrates. (Instagram)

Obviously, Britney does not “owe” forgiveness to her parents or siblings. She does not ever have to reconcile with Lynne.

But it looks like she is willing to.

And TMZ reports that their sources say that Lynne is currently “committed to making it right with her daughter.”

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