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If you’re looking for an emotionally charged read that deals with the complexities of marriage and parenthood, then Alex Kiester’s The Truth About Ben and June fits the bill. The book drew me in right from page one when Ben wakes up to find his wife has just vanished. He must now work backwards, while searching for clues to try to figure out where she could have gone, and more importantly, why she left in the first place. The story unfolds through alternating perspectives, switching from Ben’s present, to June’s inner thoughts over the preceding months as she grapples with new motherhood fears and feelings.

I’ve seen this book described anywhere from romance to psychological thriller and I think it’s fitting that it can’t be placed in one box or another, because neither can the mixed bag of emotions that come with parenthood. Mental health is the main theme of this book and the importance of recognizing and talking about postpartum anxiety. Any parent reading this book will be able to empathize with the overwhelming feelings that June and her friends are going through. The dark cloud of doubt and fear is palpable throughout this book and I really liked the way Kiester addressed the variety of ways different women experience early motherhood feelings.

The Truth About Ben and June by Alex Kiester (Harper Collins) is available now.

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