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So much of Tom Bower’s book and promotional book tour is stupid, weak and painfully nitpicky. It’s clear that Bower blatantly lied throughout the book, just as it’s clear that Bower’s main goal is to put the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “in their place.” It’s not just that he’s biased, it’s that he’s a fantasist and he’s actively defaming them in print. While it’s funny to watch the daily receipts come out on various lies from Bower, it’s also really funny to think that this is all he got. He spent years working on this ramshackle mess and all he’s got to show for it are nitpicky stories which are easily disproven. Well, Bower now has an “impeccable source” who gave him all the tea about the one public event done by the Sussexes at the Jubbly. Harry and Meghan went to St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Jubbly service, and they were seated with the Wessexes and Yorks. Royal reporters have tried to turn this seating arrangement into the snub of the century. Bower’s impeccable source claims that the Queen decided to snub Harry and Meghan with the seating arrangement. How perfectly stupid.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s seating snub at the service marking Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in June was authorized by the queen herself, royal biographer Tom Bower recounted in a recent interview.

Speaking to GB News in connection with the release of his new book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, Bower told anchor Dan Wootton that the queen’s direction as to where the Sussexes should sit during the national service of thanksgiving—away from Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton—was made to prevent Harry and Meghan from “diverting attention” from the event.

Bower’s comments come as the release of his book has been widely reported on for a number of spectacular claims about Harry and Meghan, most notable of which is that the queen told a group of her closest aides “thank goodness Meghan isn’t coming” to the funeral of Prince Philip. The author told Wootton that the monarch’s impetus for stating this was because she feared that Meghan would distract from the focus of the day, which was Philip. Bower claims the same concern prompted the jubilee seating sanction.

“She didn’t want to have Meghan diverting attention from her husband, and the ceremony, and knew that if Meghan had come that’s what was going to happen” he said of the April 2021 funeral.

“I think that then expressed itself again in the jubilee,” he continued. “I mean what was a really remarkable story I heard, was that Meghan and Harry were late to get to St Paul’s Cathedral deliberately so that they could make their own grand entrance. As they’re walking down the aisle and they get to their seats nine and ten, they say ‘well everyone should move up so that we can be on the aisle itself.’ ‘No’ says the usher,” Bower explained. “‘No, you’re to sit [in] nine and ten.’”

“‘Who told you to tell me where to sit?,’” the author claims was Harry’s response. “‘Your grandmother,’ says the usher.”

The implication was that the queen authorized the usher to ensure that the Sussexes sat in their assigned seats. When contacted by Newsweek, Bower stated that he had repeated information told to him by an “impeccable source.”

[From Newsweek]

Given what we know of that day, the Sussexes went to Clarence House first and had some kind of meeting or brunch with Prince Charles and Camilla. The Sussexes left Clarence House and went straight to St. Paul’s Cathedral, where they arrived perfectly on cue, rather than late. There’s an order to how these people arrive at church, because that’s how anal retentive these people are. My theory is that instead of “arriving late,” Harry and Meghan were held back by the usher so they could get their own procession through the church, because the Queen wanted them to have that. As for the seating arrangement… everything was set up particularly so that Harry and William would have zero interaction throughout the Jubbly. As much as the royal reporters want to make the seating arrangement into some massive snub, it was always clear that Harry and William would be kept apart.

LOL, and then the Sussexes snubbed the after-church lunch reception too, remember?

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