Bayymack Releases New Single/Music Video “Show U Off”

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, now based in Los Angeles, songwriter and rapper Bayymack unveils his new single/music video, “Show U Off.”

Bayymack’s sound blends hip-hop, pop, and rock into delicious hyper pop fusions, luring listeners in with his evocative voice and genuine lyricism, along with hints of old-school hip-hop flavors merged with modern alternative elements.

Bayymack’s previous offerings include “gangnamcore,” “when the lights go off,” “Fell U in My Heart,” “scene queen,” and “Fell in Luvv,” as well as his 2022 EP, Ihatehollywood.

One of the most prominent emerging musical artists, Bayymack, is poised to make a name for himself in the music industry.

With “Show U Off,” Bayymack elevates his game, delivering groovy production with uplifting instrumentation, atmospheric vocals, and a powerful vocal performance driven by an infectious guitar riff.

The video, shot by k1, depicts Bayymack in the midst of a bustling, downtown park. Rapid cuts give the visuals a phantasmagoric flow, providing a kaleidoscopic effect as Bayymack narrates his desire to show off his lover.

“Show u off / Tonight I want to show u off / If I can’t / What’s the point.”

“Show U Off” opens on gleaming, swirling tones, followed by wavering leitmotifs. When the thumping rhythm enters, the tune takes on a vibrant, pushing energy, dripping with pop savors. Bayymack’s vocals reveal beguiling, crackling textures, imbuing the lyrics with dazzling, enticing sonic surfaces.

At once captivating and hypnotic, “Show U Off” parades the songwriting gifts and contagious voice of Bayymack.

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