Are Aryanna and Sherlon Still Together?

Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon McInnis still together? The couple made their debut on season 1 of the Discovery+ spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, but their relationship seemed to be on the rocks as they returned for season 2. Keep scrolling below to find out if Aryanna and Sherlon are still together today!

How Did Aryanna and Sherlon Meet?

In 2019, Aryanna and her sister went on vacation to Jamaica. Aryanna met Sherlon because he was operating her tour boat. They hit it off and their chemistry was so off the charts that their fling led to a pregnancy.

On season 1, Aryanna documented her return to Jamaica to visit Sherlon while she was six months pregnant so they could discuss their future plans. Sherlon made it clear that just because they were having a child together, he didn’t want to rush into getting engaged and starting the K-1 visa process so he could move to America and marry Aryanna.

Unfortunately, after she returned to the states, she gave birth to the couple’s child, a baby boy named Odin, several months premature. Their son’s birth played out on the show.

Did Sherlon Meet His and Aryanna’s Son, Odin?

By the time Aryanna and Sherlon returned for season 2, it had been over a year since Aryanna’s last trip to Jamaica and their relationship had hit a rough patch. Despite the issues in their long-distance love, Aryanna planned a trip to bring Odin to Jamaica so that he could meet Sherlon for the first time in person.

“The stakes are really high for this trip. Sherlon and I need to have a serious conversation about where our relationship stands, but I also need answers as to like, how he’s gonna step it up on his fatherly duties as well,” Aryanna said in her confessional during a June 2022 episode.

During a scene with her two friends, Aryanna explained that while Sherlon says that their son, Odin, is his “world” and that he would do anything for their son, he never filled out the paperwork to claim paternity.

“He had one job and it was when Odin was born, to go get the paternity papers, fill them out with a witness and mail them to us. His one job,” Aryanna explained. When her friends asked if Sherlon filled out the paperwork, Aryanna replied, “Never.”

“Sherlon and I have been arguing about this paternity paper that he was supposed to have filled out so he could be put on Odin’s birth certificate and I have sent him all the information multiple times and it still hasn’t been done,” she said in her confessional. “You don’t want even want to be on the birth certificate? Like, legally you’re not even his dad.”

Is Sherlon Seeing Other Women in Jamaica?

Her friends then asked if Aryanna thinks Sherlon has been faithful to her in their relationship. She said there was one instance where Sherlon accidentally called her and Aryanna could hear him laughing and singing with a woman. Her phone died, so after she charged it, she called him back and confronted him but Sherlon denied that he was with anyone else.

“On my end, I’m in an exclusive relationship with Sherlon but like the saying goes, you know, if they’re not getting it from you, they’re probably getting it from somebody else,” Aryanna told the cameras. “Also, Sherlon works at a swingers resort. He is around naked, good-looking women a lot. So I mean, who wouldn’t be insecure in that situation?”

While Aryanna said her “motherly instinct” makes her want to keep her family together, she wants Sherlon to be honest with her about whether he sees a future together. “If you really don’t see me and you and our relationship working out, we need to figure out how to coparent from here on out,” she told her friends.

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During a July 2022 episode, Sherlon confirmed Aryanna’s suspicions about other women. 

“This morning, his phone’s blowing up and I see him getting photos from another girl and I’m just like, ‘Seriously dude?’” she explained to producers in her confessional. “I thought that we were together and in a relationship still. He never told me I wasn’t his girlfriend or anything like that. Because, [at] one time, I was his girlfriend and he never told me I wasn’t.” 

“I admitted to Aryanna that I have friends with benefits, but I’m not committed to any of them,” Sherlon shared in his solo interview. “I know she doesn’t get it, but that’s just the man I’ve been, and that’s just the man I am.”

Are Aryanna and Sherlon Still Together?

The night that the Quincy, Illinois native left for her trip to Jamaica with their son, Odin, she opened up to her mother about her plans to leave Jamaica with a more definite answer about her future with Sherlon.

“Despite everything, I’m going into this trip with a lot of hope,” Aryanna said in her confessional. “But at the same time, my patience is running extremely thin. I am a different woman now, I raised a child by myself for 10 months and I’m not the person that Sherlon saw there a year ago. I’m gonna come in guns blazin’ and be very direct and serious with him.”

As for whether Aryanna and Sherlon are still together today, their social media activity hints at a possible split. The long-distance couple has not shared photos of each other on Instagram and Aryanna and Sherlon don’t follow each other on the platform, either.

In July 2022, Aryanna seemingly confirmed their split following the Jamaica native’s post on Instagram that detailed the difference between a “baby mama” and “mother of your child.”

The post defined a “baby mama” as “a female who is mad at the fact that she can’t have you back, so she becomes spiteful, jealous and crazy.” “She tries to make your life and all relationships a living hell,” the post continued. “And will do anything she can to make your relationship with your child difficult any chance she gets.”  

In a since-deleted comment, captured by bloggers, Kiki and Kibbitz, Aryanna had strong words for the father of her child. 

“He posted this because he has done absolutely nothing for our son,” she detailed in the comment section. “He’s given no money, has bought him nothing. Don’t let him fool you.” 

The mom of one detailed that she “could care less” about having a relationship with him because “he is the definition of a deadbeat.” 

“I could NEVER be with someone like him. He NEVER even calls to see his son,” she continued. “I would never want to be with him. He thinks I should send him pictures of videos when he never sends or anything or calls!” 

She added in other comments that she has “moved on with her life” and claimed that he is the “most inconsistent father in the world” who “can’t even send $60 a month.”

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