Angela Simmons Has Fans Questioning What She’s Up To When She Revealed She’s Charging People To See Her Close Friend’s Stories On Instagram

Celebrities of the world today have social media accounts that display almost everything that is happening in their lives. Fans enjoy being involved in the lives of their favorite stars and often keep up with them. However, the most popular social media platform Instagram released a “Close Friends” story option alongside the regular stories and people have been using the feature relentlessly. Celebrities have been loving the feature as well however it seems some of them have very different intentions about it.

Angela Simmons is known to create drama wherever she goes. And recently, she’s part of the public speculation again as she reveals that she is charging her fans to be able to see her close friends’ stories. Angela Simmons has gained attention on social media due to the posts she has been showing the world which contains modeling a swimsuit as well as getting a full body massage.

Angela in a recent post told her fans that they could gain access to exclusive content and behind the scenes of her life on her 35th birthday. Her birthday is 18th September however she has promised that her fans could see more from 16th September.
Angela captioned her post, “Close friends !!! Less than 48 hours more and the list will be closed link in bio Birthday Access Sept 16 thru 20th.”

Fans ever since the news has been revealed have been wondering what kind of content Angela means when she says “exclusive”. Fans have all kinds of opinions on the post and they’re not afraid to show it. Some fans are in support of Angela and are supporting her through this new idea. However, others have commented asking others why they fail to support their friends the same way.
Others are simply wondering what kind of content she would be giving to the audience. However, no other information had been gained about the situation so fans are simply waiting to see what the hype is about. No matter how fans feel about it, they can’t deny that they are curious as to what awaits them and what Angela is planning.

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